[The letter to the editor below originally appeared  in the Spartanburg (S.C.) Herald in the summer of 2020 in response to Antifa and BLM riots -- following the death of George Floyd by fentanyl overdose -- that culminated in the removal of the Calhoun Monument from Marion Square in Charleston, S.C.]


Truth is not determined by majority vote or ignorant feeling or the media or angry mobs or cloistered professors or weak and corrupt politicians or the rich and powerful --- or by military victory. God determines truth, and is Truth.   And following God, John C. Calhoun taught that liberty is how God rewards goodness and intelligence; and that slavery is how He justly punishes ignorance, sloth and depravity.  Following Calhoun, the Southern Confederacy was right on EVERY issue, including the right of secession and slavery.

Now, the "indivisible" Yankee Empire is falling apart.  Marxist mobs, deluded and inflamed by the same false egalitarian philosophy that inspired Lincoln, now rage like Tolkien's orcs across the land.  Memorial statues of great and noble men -- like the world's greatest explorer (Columbus), America's greatest general (Lee),  and America's greatest statesman and philosopher (Calhoun) -- are coming down because, in the name of equality, fools have given the ignorant, lazy and depraved unearned and undeserved freedom.  Ironically then, Calhoun's vandal enemies are now proving Calhoun right.  But true America and the West will live on, following Calhoun.

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