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Saturday, April 13, 2024 - 01:27 AM


First Published in 1994


This represents just a small sample the evidence for Biblical Creation. As this column proceeds more and more examples will be made available. The problem is that the people who claim that there is no evidence simply reject the evidence that exists. They do so in part because those that they see as experts do not accept it, and they are convinced that those “experts” are correct and also that they are objective. They often claim that if the evidence was there, it would be accepted. The problem is that the way these so-called experts handle evidence presented contrary to their standard views, they react in a way that shows a lack of objectivity.

Those that claim that there is no evidence for Biblical Creation do so for three main reasons. The first is that they they are just parroting what they were told by others such as teachers and other people who they think know better. The second is that they are convinced that the evidence must support The Big Bang, evolutionary story because their objective teachers would see the evidence for creation if it was actually there. The final reason is that they simply do not want to see it. The final group are those that no evidence would suffice. They could be presented with a human skeleton actually in the jaws of a T Rex and it would not convince them that humans and dinosaurs lived together.

In other words, there is abundant evidence for Biblical creation, but it cannot be seen as such by someone who was looking at the evidence through the lens of atheistic naturalistic materialism. The same philosophical presupposition makes it impossible to see evidence for the Genesis Flood. Meanwhile it forces them to accept concepts such as abiogenesis universal common descent evolution despite their mathematical and thermodynamic problems. It forces them to extrapolate small changes into allowing changes that go against the effects of random processes on information and the assembly of part into a working system.

Ultimately the answer to the question to is there evidence for Biblical creation? is yes. The problem is there are those that reject that possibility before they have a look at the evidence. These people look at the evidence exclusively through the lens of atheistic naturalistic materialism, making it impossible for these people to see any evidence for Biblical creation no matter how strong it may be.

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