Virginias Newest Leadership Signals Hope for Nation

Virginians have ushered in a brand-new administration to lead the state for the next 4 years. Over the weekend, Republican Glenn Youngkin was sworn in as the state’s 74th Governor alongside Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears and Attorney General Jason Miyares. This may have come to the surprise of Democrats who currently hold office, but not to the American people fighting to get their freedoms back.

Americans had a wake-up call after being subjected to Democrat lockdowns and mandates. Parents saw first-hand what political propaganda their children were learning in public schools and how unfounded mask mandates suppressed learning. Then, when they could return to work, they were forced to get the COVID vaccine or lose their job. On top of that, people are tired of being called racists simply because of their skin color or terrorists because they want to have a voice in their child’s education. Republican lawmakers and candidates began listening and championed their freedoms.

Standing on his campaign promises, Governor Youngkin kicked off the week by issuing executive orders to ban critical race theory in schools, struck down school mask mandates, and reversed COVID vaccine requirements for state employees. Other subjects he tackled in his eleven executive actions included combatting human trafficking, cutting regulations by twenty-five percent, and withdrawing from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. While giving his inaugural speech, he addressed his first two executive orders by saying:

We will remove politics from the classroom, and we will focus on essential math and science and reading, and we will teach all of our history, the good and the bad.

To parents, I say, we respect you and we empower you in the education of your children.

As the first black woman elected to her position, Lt. Gov. Sears has taken every opportunity to condemn critical race theory. She recently called out the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in Loudoun County alone to bring the harmful teachings to school children. In light of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, she stated:

I am proof we are progressing. I am an immigrant and in the former capital of the Confederacy; I’m second in command of eight-point some million people. When are we going to say “we can make it, we are making it.” Let’s look at life as being overcomers. This, too, we will overcome. Say that to Black and Brown children and all other children. Say that to them instead of constantly being divisive. Martin Luther King Jr., that’s what he would have wanted.

These issues are not just state issues or conservative issues.  They are problems that every American is dealing with regardless of party. Former Democrat Governor and first African-American Governor of Virginia Douglas Wilder praised the new leadership for focusing on education especially during the holiday weekend signaling that he may not be fond of critical race theory either.

Gov. Youngkin’s actions give the entire nation a sneak peek into the conservative agenda heading into midterm elections. Issues like the politicization in classrooms and suppression of individual rights are motivating people to become more involved in the political sphere. Those who consider themselves part of the Democrat party are disenchanted with authoritarian and socialist policies being spewed from their elected officials on top of the lack of action from the Biden administration. As Merrill Matthews opines in The Hill, “we may instead be looking at a ‘red tsunami.’”

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