The Durocher Family Band recently blessed South Carolina with their music ministry.  The Durocher Family is a family band led by Paul and Judy Durocher, parents of twelve homeschooled children, nine of whom compose their bluegrass/gospel band.  Together all eleven of them travel around the country in a motorhome, performing their music and spreading the gospel.  They also present a ministry through their example of being homeschooled.  The Durochers recently played at Rev. E. Ray Moore’s Exodus Mandate ministry banquet, and later at Rev. Moore’s church in Columbia.  The Durocher Family is extremely talented, playing a mixture of predominantly Christian songs, some originals which they have written and arranged, along with traditional bluegrass standards.  They have wonderful harmonies and instrumentation, blending banjo, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, bass and cello to produce beautiful music praising God.



The Durocher Family has played on the road for seven years in all but five states.  They present a real-life example of a true Christian family, not just in word but through their fearless devotion to God.  For example, they also have a prison ministry and went into a maximum security prison in which 98% of the inmates had life sentences.  But the Durochers understand that everyone needs to hear the gospel and did not let concern for their personal safety stop them from ministering to the prisoners with their music.  Such selfless devotion to God is rare in our post-Christian America.

The Durochers’ first priority is to work through local churches, with their support network, but they will also play secular venues such as bluegrass concerts, or simply rent a local venue to perform.  Recently they have started a new ministry, the Family Band Magazine.  This magazine is devoted to publicizing, discipling and encouraging Christian families.  Paul Durocher said, “We also realize that churches are hurting today, they’re in trouble.  They need the gospel just as much as the lost do.  They need forgiveness.  One of the big messages that we bring is that, the number one place to be a Christian is in your home.  That’s where it starts.  Who you are behind closed doors when no one’s looking is who you really are.  So unfortunately, the contemporary church in America today is kind of focused on ‘the show must go on.’  The big show.  Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night youth group...

“This thing is an organic movement.  Jesus was a simple person who worked in homes and businesses, and worked with fishermen, ordinary people.  It wasn’t a show, the start of Christianity.  That’s kind of what we want to emphasize, in the home.  Getting people into devotions with their family.  Getting fathers to step up and be involved in their kids’ lives.  We hope through our kids.  We don’t wave that big flag and beat people over the head with it, but we think it’s important.  Partnering with the government schools, we leave our kids in a very precarious place, when they’re indoctrinated by humanism, evolution and now sodomy.  So it’s all legal and promoted in the school system.”

The Christian family unit was the foundation of America.  Certainly it is under attack today as never before, so the Durocher Family’s ministry is very important and timely.  The Durochers are an incredible combination of talent, a true witness through their lives and have an extremely important Christian message.  If you would like to arrange for the Durochers to play in your church or community the next time they are in S.C., subscribe to the Family Band Magazine, or order their CDs. Please contact them through their website at www.durocher

familymusic.com or call (218) 259-5166.  America needs many more families with such devotion to God and their family.