American tax money is helping to fund the salaries of Palestnian Arab terrorists who are or have been in Israeli prisons. Those who committed the worst crimes and received the longest sentences are also receiving the most money.

And if that's not bad enough news, several American TV news networks came out with the revelation this past week that the US government has been giving several Arab Moslem countries financial aid for the purpose of repairing and restoring Moslem mosques. All this through our US State Department with the approval of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barak Obama.

Of course, you know that the US government will not give even one dirty dollar to help an American Christian church. Their concepts of separation of church and state seem to get quite distorted when it comes to Moslem countries.

The Israel Today news magazine reports that Itamar Marcus of the Palestinian Media Watch told US Congressional leaders recently how financial aid from America, supposedly Israel's most loyal ally, is being cynically used to encourage the slaughter of Israeli Jews. Marcus said that the PA pays a generous monthly salary to nearly all of the Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails, including those who were recently released.

The salaries total $5.2 million each month and are heavily dependent on incoming foreign aid. The Palestinian Authority (PA) receives roughly $1.5 billion in foreign aid every year. The US contributes about $300 million in direct financial assistance, plus another $400 million in various other forms of assistance and investment.

Marcus said that the aid violates US federal law to provide financial assistance to a terrorist or to terror supporting entities. Earlier, US Congressional leaders had put forward a bill that would end US financial aid to Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, and the Palestinian Authority unless they meet a list of stringent requirements.

Fully aware that these nations are never going to meet the conditions outlined, and in other words, they will never stop supporting terrorism, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lashed out at the Congress.

"This bill would be debilitating to my efforts to carry out a considered foreign policy and diplomacy, and to use foreign assistance strategically to that end," Clinton wrote in a letter to Congressional leaders.

Most Americans do not know that the US government has been giving financial aid to numerous Arab states of the Middle East for decades, even long before the Obama administration.. The government knows that these states are mostly Moslem controlled and that they are enemies of the US and the Jewish state of Israel. Yet the US money has flowed their way without interruption.

Most Americans know that the US has been giving Israel a large amount of financial aid each year, and many think it is far too much. But most have not known that the US has been giving Arab-Moslem Egypt the exact same amount of aid each year as we have been giving Israel,, in the interest of being even-handed. Lesser, but significantly large, amounts of financial aid have been quietly going to the Palestinians, to Jordan, to Lebanon, to Syria, and even to Saudi Arabia, also.

With all that oil revenue the Middle East Arab countrries control, it is ludicrous to think that they need US financial aid. And from what we know, very little of the US financial aid ever gets past the pockets of the VIPs and to places where it would help the common people. Most people in all of those coukntries still live in abject poverty.

With our incxredible national debt so out of sight, with our tremendously struggling US economy, and with the grossly over-heavy burden on our US taxpayers, why are we do ridiculously foolish to be so heavily subsidizing Moslem nations and governments that hate us and want to annihilate us? Why should we be subsidizing Arab nations that can't be trusted to use our money wisely and honestly when they get it? And why should we be helping Arab nations that want to destroy Israel, our only faithful Middle East ally?


Dr. Al Snyder is a former professor of Communications at Liberty University in Virginia and North Greenville University. He has done extensive missionary work in Israel and Africa.

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