It is quite apparent that the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party are planning for massive voter fraud to ensure the reelection of Barack Obama and return as many Democrats as possible to Congress. Who would have thought as recent as five years ago that such a thing was possible in our country, much less highly probable.

Americans are living in unprecedented times. At no time since “Reconstruction” has there been such blatant, unrestricted, abuse of power, tolerance of fraud, corruption and lawlessness in the federal government.

We have observed such events in other countries, such as Germany, Russia, China, and Cuba to name a few. But we never thought it would happen here. How could this be happening in the United States of America? Readers of the book, The Harbinger, and viewers of the documentaries Isaiah 9:10 Judgment and 2016 are beginning to “get the picture” and have an understanding of from whence we came as a republic blessed by God and where we are likely headed as a nation that has officially rejected God.

The greatest boost to the voter fraud effort is the recent amnesty program for 2 million illegal aliens that will give them work permits and a Social Security card. In most states this will be used to obtain a driver’s license and a voter registration card.

Hundreds of thousands of the young illegal residents are lining up at immigration offices across the country with documents that may or may not be legitimate, but who is checking?

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) reports that studies of the 1987 Amnesty have indicated that at least 25 percent of amnesty approvals was based on fraudulent information.

The names and addresses provided by the applicants at the immigration offices will be used by ACORN and other organizations to ensure that the illegal residents with new work permits and Social Security numbers are properly registered to vote in key congressional districts and tightly contested states.

There will be no way for the Republicans to limit the impact of this influx of new registered voters. If they attempt to intervene, they will be met with lawsuits from U. S. Justice Department lawyers.

Nationwide resistance to photo ID requirements in order to vote by NAACP, ACLU, Democrat Party and the US Department of Justice are a clear indication that voter fraud is a critical part of Democrat Party strategy for the November 6 General Election.

The Obama/Holder Justice Department has already begun attempting to block states from cleaning dead people and convicted felons from active voter registration rolls.

In Ohio and elsewhere, the Justice Department is attempting to make it difficult for military personnel to vote absentee. Despite all the televised propaganda to the contrary coming from the President and First Lady, most military personnel will not vote for Obama for many reasons. They, more than the general public know that he is lying about his alleged support for the troops, their welfare and compensation for their service and sacrifices.

The Obama Administration and their paid community organizers are already collecting registration forms that include people voting in several different counties or states, These forms will be turned in to local voter registration boards in states without photo ID laws just before the registration deadline. By so doing, they know that there is insufficient time and manpower to adequately screen the applicants. As a result, they will be recorded and registration cards mailed to the names and addresses on the forms.

Most of the questionable voters, especially those who are voting in several different counties and states, will take advantage of early voting, so they can get to the various places to vote. Many of these individuals are students who will vote where they attend school and at their home residence. Some will use the address of a community organizer in several different towns. They will make the scheduled pickup of registration forms and proceed on their early voting circuit as soon as early voting locations are open for business.


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Mike Scruggs