FOX News has a great documentary on the reaction of President George W, Bush and the nation to the attack on the United States on September 11, 2001. The government and the people were ready to do what was necessary to make sure it did not happen again – at least for a while. Then American voters made a very bad choice, leaving us more vulnerable than ever.

For an old soldier and Vietnam War Veteran, it was a devastating experience. I watched the hit on the second tower in the conference room of the Seneca newspaper as I fought back tears. After all the sacrifices of military personnel and their families through the years, we have another successful sneak attack. In fact it was three sneak attacks and another attempt that was prevented by heroic passengers on the fourth hijacked plane. I was first sad and then angry. How could this be happening? Had we grown weary of remembering Pearl Harbor? What had happened to our national defense structure during the eight years of President Bill Clinton that left us vulnerable? It was later confirmed that much was known about the people who planned and carried out the attacks; however, the intelligence agencies were forbidden to keep each other informed. The people who had supported our enemy in Vietnam were given charge of the United States Government for eight years before the attacks. In office for only nine months, the Bush Administration had hardly had time to assess what had been left to them by Clinton.

We knew they had sabotaged the White House phones and computers and stolen a lot of valuables. The public did not know until much later that they had sabotaged the intelligence system that is our first line of defense from surprise attacks.

Both houses of Congress sang God Bless America on the steps of the United States Capitol building. Americans flew their flags and filled the churches. President Bush did his job and kept us safe on American land for the remainder of his term of office. The American people eventually returned to their normal routine activities and put the flags away.

By 2008, memories of the dastardly attack on New York City and the Pentagon had faded from the minds of many Americans preoccupied with little league games, television sitcoms, PTA meetings and the liberal propaganda machine operating through the media, education institutions and some government institutions.

The leftist anti-Vietnam War activists were now well-established in influential positions in government, media, educational institutions and large corporations. They decided to undermine President Bush and the ongoing war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. They apparently see as allies anyone who opposes the superpower status and high standard of living of the United States of America.

Through the educational establishment and the leftists that had been allowed to gain power had “dumbed-down” and indoctrinated an entire generation of young adults. A combination of leftists and misguided young adults voted for and elected an individual as president without knowing anything about him or his motivation. His 4-year reign has been devastating to the republic. With the Mitt Romney campaign unwilling or afraid to tell the American people what is now known about the man seeking a second four-year term, he is positioned to have another four year term if it means using fraud, intimidation, deception and abuse of power to do so.

Sadly, Gov. Romney has a bunch of kids running his campaign who don’t have a clue about how to win against anyone but conservatives. With less than eight weeks remaining before the November 2012 General Election, patriotic Americans are going to have to win this election themselves, despite the incompetence of the Romney Campaign Staff.

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