Democrats have a plan to retain control of the United States Government for the next century. They already own most African-Americans. They will have a long-term lock on “modern slavery” if they can own several millions more Hispanic-Americans. President Obama has already taken a major step in that direction by giving status to all Hispanics born and schooled in this country to illegal aliens and others. They may bring their relatives across the border to join them. The administration plans to seal the deal with “Immigration Reform.”

The Gang of Eight in the United States Senate have agreed on a plan that appears to have smooth sailing through the Senate. The plan would apparently allow all illegal “immigrants” to remain in the country and be given work permits in return for promises that security on the southern border would be tightened.

The 1,500 page bill provides a pathway to citizenship for those already here illegally. Senator Marco Rubio was attempting to sell the bill on virtually every Sunday television talk show. For Conservatives, anyone who agrees with a grinning New York Senator Chuck U. Shumer, one of the Gang of Eight who reportedly authored the bill, is suspect.

The estimated 11 million individuals here illegally is also suspect. There were an estimated 12 to 20 million here more than 5-years ago. They have been streaming through the border since that time at a rate of hundreds a night and the numbers have been reduced by 1 to 9  million. That does not make sense to any honest observer.

The main forces behind the Gang of Eight are first of all the Democrat Party that sees every illegal individual as a potential reproductive Democrat, keeping the socialist progressive  machine oiled for generations to come. Allied with the Democrat Party is the AFL-CIO that sees new workers as dues paying union members. The chambers of commerce and agricultural interests see cheap labor, that helps them to stay in business while dealing with increased taxes and regulations including Obamacare. The drug cartel and human traffic criminals have a financial interest in keeping the border open. All of these special interest groups can put enormous pressure on Senators and House Members who have a price or need support to win the next election.

The above special interests have cleverly convinced religious groups to join their ranks, convinced they are “serving the Lord” by providing support and encouragement. Some religious organizations operate sanctuaries for lawbreakers with immunity.

Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican from Alabama, has questions for the Gang of Eight, that he believes must be answered before legislation is produced for passage.

1. Is this bill enforcement first or legalization first?

On the March 31 edition of Meet the Press, Gang of Eight member Sen. Chuck Schumer said: “We’ve come to a basic agreement, which is that first, people will be legalized.... then we will make sure the border is secure.”

2. What are the concrete metrics used to measure border security?

3.  Does the bill complete the border fence and secure all ports of entry?

4.  Who gets amnesty and how many?

No one knows who is actually eligible for amnesty under this bill and how many will be legalized.

5.  How will the bill impact American workers and wages?

6.  Is the guest worker program truly temporary?

7.  Does the bill put a stop to sanctuary cities and resume cooperation with local law enforcement?

8.  How does the bill guarantee that the Administration will not ignore future laws as it has with the laws already on the books?

9. How does the bill ensure that federal public charge law is enforced and that illegal immigrants do not access the welfare state through the granting of green cards and citizenship?

10.  What is the long-term cost of the bill?

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