The “Nightmare Scenario” involves the immediate political and economic future of South Carolina, as well as the liberty and freedom of the citizens of the Palmetto State.  It visualizes the Democrats taking the District One U. S. House Seat held previously by now United States Senator Tim Scott and sought by former Governor Mark Sanford. Such a victory would encourage the Obama Administration to do what is necessary to defeat Nikki Haley to take the Governor’s Mansion as well as the senate seat now held by Sen. Scott. The open primary system will assure the nomination of Sen. Lindsey Graham and he will receive many Democrat votes in the General Election.

South Carolina Republicans could once again become the victims of the open primary system that was designed to benefit Democrats by allowing them, in hotly contested races, to help select the most vulnerable candidates with soft support from the conservative Republican base.  A Democrat in the general election would more easily defeat a weak candidate selected through the open primary system to represent Republicans. Tragically, Mark Sanford was not the best Republican candidate in the primary race and was not the choice of legitimate Republicans in the primary selection process.  Many conservatives who did not support Sanford during the primary contest supported him during the general election against the liberal democrat posing as a conservative. But in typical form, the national Republican PAC that had supported Sanford against other Republicans withdrew support after he became the Republican Candidate. They will share the credit for his defeat should it happen, just as they did in the loss of at least 3 senate seats in 2012.

The Nightmare Scenario is a definite possibility, aided by naïve Republican Party officials obsessed with a quest for personal power and financial enrichment, and an unrealistic view of their opponents.

How could that happen? It could happen just exactly as Barack Obama was elected to a second term just last year. Democrats spend loads of money, organize to lead or drive every Democrat and ignorant, uninformed or misinformed voter to the polls to vote a straight Democrat ticket. They have no shame using every psychological and political trick known to man, with the aid of the liberal media to malign and destroy the reputation or besmirch the character of Republican candidates.

In the meantime, conservative Christian voters stay at home and refuse to participate, using a multitude of excuses, both real and imagined, to justify their non-participation in the constitutional process of electing lawmakers and government leaders. Like it or not, many conservatives, and especially Christian conservatives, will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils, even if it contributes to electing the most evil candidate. This is a fact that the chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party and the Republican National Committee (RNC) need to recognize and deal with, otherwise they will find themselves busy trying to implement the “big tent” while conservatives form a third party.

South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Chad Connelly missed a wonderful opportunity to unify competing factions of the GOP in South Carolina during the state convention last Saturday. All he had to do was run an honest and fair convention and allow individuals with differing views to express those views. Tragically, and sadly, Connelly failed to do that and allowed a convention presiding officer to make arbitrary, biased decisions on the interpretation of voice votes.  Candidates for party chairman challenging Connelly were limited to 2-minutes each for a campaign speech, while Connelly and his supporters spent much of the day on stage boasting about his “accomplishments” as the incumbent chairman and candidate for a second term. He could have won in an honest election. The lack of fairness and transparency  was unnecessary and created  wounds that will not heal easily.

Many delegates departed early in disgust, while others remained and grew angry or disappointed in the unnecessary spectacle. The convention was adjourned abruptly without any discussion of proposed resolutions and rules changes. It is disgraceful that they were not discussed in an open and transparent debate.

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