Senator Ted Cruz was the first Republican presidential candidate to formally announce his candidacy. He made the announcement at Liberty University before a crowd of several thousand people. The location could not have been better for the “born again” Christian son of a Baptist preacher.

Typically, Cruz spoke eloquently and with passion without notes or a teleprompter. He was interrupted by enthusiastic applause following almost every statement. The Harvard educated lawyer is obviously very intelligent and has demonstrated exceptional common sense, both in the United States Senate and as Attorney General of Texas. In contrast with other Republican candidates and party leaders, Ted Cruz has a backbone. He has the courage of his convictions and is willing to stand up to both Democrats and the leadership of his own party when necessary. He can articulate proven conservative principles in a manner reminiscent of Ronald Reagan.

The early Cruz announcement is causing a stir in both the liberal and conservative camps. Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh said the Cruz announcement “is either gonna force a whole lot of potential candidates to move to the right,” or they will decide, “there is no way they can get to the right of Ted Cruz.”

Limbaugh said the liberal media is very worried about Ted Cruz. “I know for a fact that they don’t think he is a real contender, but because he articulates conservatism irrefutably, because he does it without a teleprompter, because he does it so well, they are going to try to destroy him.”

Jim Meyers, writing for Newsmax, listed 12 reasons Ted Cruz is a strong GOP 2016 candidate.

1. “He is off to an early start.” Cruz has quietly built the skeleton of a grassroots organization across the nation. In Greenville, an announcement gathering and a rally were held the day of his announcement. LaDonna Riggs, past Spartanburg County GOP Chairman is the local organizer for the Cruz campaign.

2. “He has strong Tea Party Support.” Cruz is expected to excite the Tea Party base that has been dormant since being attacked by the IRS and other liberals.

3. “He has been one of the party’s most outspoken opponents of Obamacare.” It was Cruz that spoke for more than 21 hours on the floor of the Senate in opposition to the funding of Obamacare.

4. “He has taken a strong stand on immigration.” He is committed to securing the borders with Mexico and Canada.

5. “He is seen as more independent than other potential GOP candidates.” His willingness to stand up to party leaders is appealing to many conservative voters.

6. “He is firmly in the mainstream of Republican voters on nearly every issue.”

7. “Cruz is a strong campaigner.” He connects with the grassroots and scored one of the biggest upsets in the 2012 elections.

8. “Cruz could appeal to Hispanic voters more than most other GOP candidates.”  His father was born in Cuba and he was the first Hispanic U. S. Senator elected from Texas.

9. “Past elections confirm Cruz’s contention that the GOP needs a strong conservative to win the General Election.”

10. “Cruz could reach across party lines to appeal to disillusioned voters.”

11. “His wife would be a major asset in the campaign.” She has political, government and private business experience. They have two young daughters.

Senator Cruz has a father that will be a great asset during the campaign. He is a dynamic motivational speaker and is a living example of the benefits of both the exceptionalism of the United States and the miraculous power of Jesus Christ to transform the lives of men.

There are other potential conservative primary candidates. Most have already tried and failed in the GOP primary arena. Governor Scott Walker has been a remarkable conservative Governor of a liberal state, however he does not have the ability to rally the conservative base that is necessary for a Republican presidential win in 2016.

Republicans who attack Cruz during the primary season will only help Jeb Bush who is the obvious choice of the GOP establishment.

Ted Cruz could be the only candidate who has the ability to defeat the establishment candidate in the primary and save the GOP from self-destruction. Should Jeb Bush or another “moderate” candidate win the Republican nomination, it will likely spell the demise of the GOP for the foreseeable future and sentence future generations of Americans to life under a socialist dictatorship.

Now is the time for conservative voters to come together and work harder than ever to elect the best conservative candidate available, whoever that may be.


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Mike Scruggs