It is a catastrophic human tragedy that foreigners understand what is happening to the United States of America much better than a majority of the American people. Many home-grown and educated Americans are blinded to the essential facts of history because we have been brainwashed, manipulated and deceived by a small group of dedicated evil advocates of socialism that is totally contrary to the founding principles of our republic.

In a few words, our constitutional republic along with its founding principles have been subverted and our country is now on a steady course toward godless socialism. It is extremely frustrating to be among those that clearly see and understand that our four founding principles: the rule of law, individual rights, the guarantee of private property, and a common American identity, are being replaced by group rights, redistribution, entitlements, and multi-culturalism; and the entirety of our Western culture is in jeopardy of being banished from earth.

I recently read the review of a book by Hungarian-born Balint Vazsonyi, a world renowned concert pianist and historian by Jerome C. Arnett, Jr., MD. The book is titled, America’s 30 Years War: Who is Winning? It was first published by Regnery Publishing in 1998 and is instructive for weighing today’s events and headlines in view of factual history.

“It must count among the most amazing spectacles of history to be inundated with the rhetoric, theory, and practice of communism, and see not one communist around,” writes Vazsonyi. “We read and hear daily about class warfare, redistribution of wealth, the “dispossessed” masses, the disadvantaged, universal health care, speech codes, sensitivity training, restrictions on parents’ rights, school-to-work— the list goes on. The agenda is with us, the Party is not.”

Dr. Arnett describes how the author outlines the development and characteristics of two opposing philosophies. “The concepts of liberty, equality and government developed differently in England and France. The Franco-Germanic philosophy supposedly leads to the perfect society, where all will find contentment. Supported by those who espouse big government, utopia, statism, and collectivism, it attributes to human reason an unlimited capacity to understand and manage the affairs of our world, and ultimately it results in the totalitarian, socialist or communist state. This philosophy has been promoted by today’s liberals, “progressives”, New Dealers, socialists, and communists as well as many present-day Democrats and Republicans, and has resulted in the graduated income tax, Social Security, Medicare, the Americans With Disabilities Act, and gun control laws, among many others. Its proponents have waged a campaign of deception against the fundamental tenets of Anglo-American political thought, and against America as a nation. America has been the “immovable object” standing in the way of the “irresistible force” of socialism.”

“Social justice” was as much Hitler’s slogan as it is of America’s liberals today. “In order to attain ‘social justice’ social tensions must be eliminated. That causes a constant state of social warfare, which fuels discontent and results in a permanent state of hopelessness. Those who promote ‘social justice’ have nothing to give, but can only take away: first opportunity, next possession, and finally, life itself.

“Group rights promote inequality, create stereotypes, instill fear, are granted by political action, and therefore can be taken away. As in the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, Americans have been taught to be afraid of each other. Women are afraid of Men (all men are potential rapists), men are afraid of women (possible sexual harassment charges), and employers are afraid of employees (potential minorities lawsuits).

“Two other facets of America’s march to communism are noteworthy. First, the Clinton administration’s successful campaign for ‘school-to-work’ (which establishes a regulated society) is listed as number ten in Marx’s essential steps in the Communist Manifesto. The second involves children. The title of Hillary Clinton’s book is: It Takes a Village. As Vazsonyi points out, the essence of communism is the rearing of children by the village.”

Dr. Arnett concludes that this modern day American hero is working tirelessly to save us from our ignorance of philosophy and history. And it will help us understand the origin and ultimate goal of “Obamaism.”

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Mike Scruggs