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Saturday, April 13, 2024 - 01:24 AM


First Published in 1994


Digital physics is the idea that our universe is fundamentally programmed information system Making it much like a virtual reality. This idea easily explains many aspects of quantum mechanics that otherwise seem quite bizarre. It also explains how there could be supernatural phenomena while providing a mechanism for Biblical creation.

And all the aspects of Quantum Mechanics that make it seem weird only do so when you are looking at the world from a materialistic perspective. Looking at it instead has a programmed information system. For example, Planck length and Planck time our units of space and time beneath which it is impossible to measure anything, making space and time effectively pixelated like you would in a video game. Furthermore, the behavior of subsonic particles changes depending on the availability of information about them. For example, particles of matter exhibit both particle-like properties as well as wavelike properties.

These wave-like properties are connected to the probability of certain properties of the particle. If you pass particles such as electrons or photons one at a time through a system with more than one path, how the particle behaves is affected by the information available about the particle. If there is no information about which path the particle takes, it takes both paths and interferes with itself as a wave producing an interference pattern. If on the other hand, information exists as to which path it took it only follows one path and does not produce an interference pattern. This is precisely expected if indeed reality is fundamentally a programmed information system. It is completely counterintuitive to the idea that particles are actually little balls of stuff.

If indeed reality is fundamentally a programmed information system, then it is easy to see how miracles and other supernatural phenomena or possible. On the contrary, if one looks at reality from a purely materialistic perspective it is easy to conclude that such things are impossible. This is because if reality is a programmed information system miracles and other supernatural phenomena could easily be the result of alterations in that information in manners different from the normal programming. One way of looking at it would be the equivalency of a cheat code in a video game. This is not a perfect analogy, but it provides an illustration that anyone who has played video games is likely to understand. This is not undermining God's power but simply provides a mechanism by which such actions are possible. After all, the amount of informational manipulation necessary would be humongous and beyond any human programmer.

If indeed reality is fundamentally a programmed information system, then creation was ultimately the process of setting up the program and putting everything in place. Once again it provides a mechanism that does not undermine the sheer power of divine creation simply because of the huge scale in detail necessary for it to work. The scale of a program necessary to produce reality as we encounter it is beyond anything that could ever be written by human programmers on any kind of physical computer.

The idea of digital physics not only explains hard-to-understand things such as quantum mechanics it opens the door to a scientific understanding of things such as miracles including Biblical creation. This is a concept that is easy to come to as a way of trying to understand Quantum Mechanics And it leads to a mechanism for miracles and specifically Biblical creation.

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