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Friday, May 17, 2024 - 07:13 PM


First Published in 1994


Abiogenesis is by definition a totally naturalistic concept of the origin of life. Rather than being created by God as indicated in the Bible, the entire concept is one of the light laws of chemistry just working together to spontaneously produce life given the right conditions. Not only does the notion of abiogenesis exclude God but it does so deliberately and before even considering a single bit of evidence.

Its connection to atheism goes beyond this, but it is a needed necessary presupposition of atheism and philosophical naturalism. While there are scientific reasons for life having a beginning, there are no scientific reasons requiring that it be by way of abiogenesis. Even ignoring God as a possible answer, there is no reason to not simply conclude that we do not know and cannot know the answer. After all the origin of life took place in the past, and there are many details of the past that simply cannot be reconstructed. This is particularly true in one-off events for which there were no humans around to observe and record.

The notion that life could come about by purely naturalistic means and without the input of intelligent agency, is ultimately nothing but an atheistic fantasy. The concept has probabilistic and thermodynamic, and many other issues that are usually casually dismissed. Often, the very suggestion that these post insurmountable barriers abiogenesis is met with religious indignation, and maybe a generalized stock rebuttal statement that does not actually succeed in solving the problem.

Abiogenesis continues to be pushed despite the evidence and not because of it. The more we learn about how life functions, how it stores processes, and uses information, the more the origin of life stands as testimony to an intelligent creator. What really drives it is the presumptive necessities of atheistic naturalistic materialism. As a result, abiogenesis is a purely naturalistic, materialistic, and atheistic presupposition being forced on science and being presented as though it were actually scientific.