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22 05 31

As we are waiting for the official opinion on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that will overturn Roe v. Wade, Eagle Forum is still hard at work! For years, the national pro-life groups have done extensive research, crafted talking points, and advocated for pro-life policy at the state and federal levels. Now that we are moving forward into a post-Roe world, those resources will come in handy as we care for women and their babies. To make it easier for you, we have put everything in one place.

Eagle Forum has created the State Leader Toolkit on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health so that you do not have to spend your time going to website after website looking for what you need. As you know, Google hasn’t been helpful to pro-lifers and conservatives recently. In our toolkit you will find explanations on significant abortion-related court cases, state laws on abortion restrictions, pro-life legislation at the state and federal levels, polling and research, pregnancy resources, and more. Every point is linked, so simply click on what interests you, and that resource will immediately appear.

Since Roe’s ruling that allowed abortions through the first trimester without regulation by the states, Eagle Forum has tirelessly worked at every level of government to bring value back to preborn babies. Our leaders have written pro-life articles and op-eds, interviewed experts on radio shows and podcasts, endorsed pro-life candidates, and consistently lobbied our elected representatives to protect life. Our toolkit links back to our website where you can find each of these resources, some authored by Phyllis Schlafly herself. 

The toolkit ends on a very important note. With the expansion and popularity of telehealth services during the COVID pandemic, chemical abortions have significantly risen. Guttmacher Institute estimates that this method accounts for 54% of all abortions. Texas has already restricted chemical abortions to seven weeks, but with no in-person medical analysis, no doctor can be sure that individuals are abiding by the law. As technology advances, we must continue to be forward-thinking in ways to protect life in the womb.

You do not have to be an Eagle Forum State Leader to use this toolkit. No matter your age, profession, or stage of life, you can use these resources to advocate for the preborn. These materials are essential to change hearts and minds across our nation. Please share this with your family and friends as we grow a pro-life community that champions strong, healthy families.

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