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Saturday, April 13, 2024 - 01:55 AM


First Published in 1994


We need to tell the straight forward truth of what is really happening in our country without the fear of political fallout, or the retribution from the Marxist thugs that are on the rampage.

The first debate forum was a sham and a shame because of the debate moderator’s favoritism towards Joe Biden. The debate moderator, Chris Wallace, is a known liberal and he sure reinforced that on the debate stage that night.

The “gotcha” question by Wallace during the debate with President Trump was, “Will you denounce the White Supremacy and militia groups in this country?” The president has already on several occasions denounced these groups. The president responded, and rightly so, that it is the radical leftist groups that are looting, burning, and killing police officers and others. Trump also said that it was not the right-wing groups doing the destruction in America. Wallace didn’t ask Biden in the debate if he would denounce Black Supremacy groups, but he did specifically ask Trump if he would denounce White Supremacy groups. This shows a clear cut double standard and favoritism by Wallace for Joe Biden.

Let’s be honest about this whole situation. It has not been the KKK or the Proud Boys for the last several months that have been looting, burning, assaulting, and killing police officers and other Americans. The Marxists are using the KKK and the Proud Boys as a racist camouflage to continue unabated in their Marxist revolution on the streets of America and in the halls of Congress in Washington DC.

We as Americans say that if the police are not permitted to enforce the law against the lawlessness of BLM and Antifa, then turn loose the pro-American militia groups on them and send them running for the hills. These Marxist revolutionary groups do not fear the police, but they certainly fear the militia groups. One leader of the BLM in Chicago said the looting of businesses by the black members of BLM was part of the reparations owe them. Our answer to these Marxist idiots is that you already have been paid your reparations by being born in the good ole USA. Another racist lunatic, black leader in Los Angeles said that the recent attempt at assassinations of two deputies in their parked patrol car was a good start of the retribution that was coming against police officers. What I say it would be much better if the black members of BLM were back on a plantation picking cotton instead of rioting and killing as they are involved in now against the hard-work and freedom-loving American people. At least then they would be earning an honest living on the plantation. The greater part of the black community strongly condemns the lawlessness of BLM.

The Marxists would say that this is a racist statement. I say, that I do not care in the least what they say or think and the statement still stands as it is.

President Trump strongly voiced his support for law and order during the debate. Biden couldn’t even say the words “law and order.” He wasn’t able to voice the words “law and order” because he didn’t want to offend his constituents BLM and Antifa while they continue rioting, killing, and looting.

No nation can survive without law and order. America cannot let mob rule and violence dictate to it what can or cannot happen in our country as a free society. Recently, Kamala Harris, the Democrat vice-president nominee, publicly spoke in favor of the lawless activities of BLM. Harris is a self-serving and mentally deranged politician whose only goal is to elevate herself. It is common knowledge that she slept her way up the political ladder in California. Just ask former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. Harris was shacking up with Brown while he was still married. If Biden and Harris (alias Ahab and Jezebel) are elected on November 3, the sign outside of the White House will read, “BLM and Antifa reside here.”

Remember to pray for President Trump, the First Lady, and the White House staff members which have been affected by the Coronavirus.

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