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Friday, June 14, 2024 - 11:28 PM


First Published in 1994


God, guts, and guns are what built America, and that is the only way we will keep our country from the shackles of slavery to socialism. Socialism puts people in bondage to a tyrannical government, whereas, Capitalism rewards people the freedom to choose one's destiny in living the American Dream. The choice could not be clearer: do we as free Americans want a country that is for the people, or the political elite?

The Marxists in our US Congress led by Senator Bernie (Mad Socialist) Sanders and Congresswoman (Empty-minded) AOC wants all of us to worship at the altar of government hand-outs. None of us want anyone telling us what we must do in our private lives, how we must do it, or when we must do it. This is precisely what socialism is all about. Socialism results in the complete micromanagement of our lives by the government.

Our message to these agents of the false promises of socialism is simple: love our country and its way of life or leave it.

The free enterprise system is woven into every fabric of the American way of life--from a little boy or girl selling lemonade on a hot summer day to a yard sale in the neighborhood, and to adults hanging a sign over the front door of a new business start-up. Innovation and competition are the fuel for a great and long-lasting economy. Socialism eliminates most of these, and our economy would end up in a dead-end street with long red lines and great shortages of products that are needed by the American consumers. In other words, socialism takes the spice out of life and we want no part of it.

The Democrats are publicly bragging about a Marxist take-over of our government if they win the two Georgia US Senate Seats. Our answer to the proponents of Marxism: we will fully protect ourselves, our properties, and our American way of life.

Ask the people in Cuba, Russia, China, and North Korea what they think about being under the yoke of Marxist Totalitarianism? The answer would resonantly be: we hate it and get us out of here. People are not forming long lines to try to get into these Marxist countries, but are trying to escape from them. Thank God for the good, ole USA and its free enterprise system.

When the Marxists plan to radically change and take over a government of a country, they relentlessly attack the public school system through anti-God and anti-family Marxist educational programs to indoctrinate the minds of students with Marxist propaganda. They train them to hate God, rebel against the authority of their parents, and to reject and overthrow their duly elected government by any means possible. They do these things in a camouflaged way.

We have seen examples of the Marxist propaganda that is being taught in public schools on the streets of America by BLM and Antifa. Our colleges and universities have become infested with Marxist educators like US Senator Elizabeth Warren, who was a former professor at Harvard University. They are teaching Marxist propaganda that is poisoning the minds of young adults against America and the free enterprise system. The public schools cannot be reclaimed, but we must boycott them and send our children and

grandchildren to private Christian schools or home-schooled them, where they are still instructed to love God, family, and country.

Do not be surprised if in the foreseeable future we see armed resistance to the Marxist tyrannical oppression from those in power. We are seeing an example of this by the mandatory lock-downs on American citizens. Our fellow Americans are being unconstitutionally fined, arrested, and jailed for family and friend gatherings, church attendances, and opening their businesses by the unlawful decrees of the Marxists in power. Our founding forefathers had an answer to a similar situation just before the Revolutionary War. The call by them went out and said, "Rally around the flag, men--lock and load!" These same Marxist demagogues say that the rioters of BLM and Antifa that have looted, burned, assaulted, and killed were exercising their constitutional First Amendment rights to protest. They called them peaceful protesters. We believe that we need to take these so-called "peaceful protesters" and their Marxist friends, put them in prison, and throw away the key.

The Marxists are subverting our electoral system so they can come to power, and will not have to be concern about losing another election. The US Supreme Court caved into the pressure of the anti-American Marxist movement in this country by not hearing the Texas case concerning Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania for unconstitutionally changing the election laws.

Keep up the fight--keep America first! We will never bow down, surrender, or compromise with the Marxist devils of darkness. President Donald Trump, we are praying and supporting you all the way.

The great Patrick Henry said, “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”