The call for national unity by Joe Biden and the rest of the Marxist, anti-American gangsters have a very empty and one-sided ring to it. Many people would say, they would trust the mafia more than the Marxists. The kind of unity they desire is for all freedom-loving Americans to be puppets on the string who agree with their Marxist policies that will fundamentally change America for the worst. The Marxists in this country are living in a Utopian dream world; because we will never unite with them. We will take great pleasure in waking them up to the reality of fierce conservative resistance if Biden is president for the next four years.

The foot soldiers of American patriotism will never wave a white flag of surrender to the destructive force of Marxism in our country.

Our Republican US House and Senate members should not be back row spectators, but they must be front row conservative warriors in this fight against an attempted Marxist take-over of our government.

Our forefathers were American freedom fighters, who fought against British tyranny. We likewise must also stand shoulder to shoulder and fight in this cultural, civil war for the soul of America. Our very existence of remaining a free nation is at stake. There is absolutely no room for weakness or compromise with the enemies of freedom if we are going to maintain our constitutional liberties.

There are very sufficient election criminal acts of fraud and ill regularities that have occurred during this election for president. The Republican National Committee (RNC) has acquired hundreds of sworn affidavits to back up these claims. Universal mail-in ballots are the Trojan Horse that has created this corruption in our political system. Our Republican state and local elected officials across this country must stand in the gap and strongly contest these Marxist tactics of confusion in how to steal an election. Seventy percent of Republicans and thirty percent of Democrats do believe that something is wrong with this election.

For example, take a look at what is happening in Georgia. First of all, the yellow-bellies Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Governor Brian Kemp are afraid to investigate the political activities of the group formed by the Marxist and racist Stacy Abrams. She lost the Georgia governor race to Kemp, the Republican governor of Georgia. Abrams looks and acts like Fat Albert's sister--"Hey, hey, hey!" She never conceited the race for governor, and the leftist media praised her for it. This same leftist media is crucifying President Trump for not conceding to Joe Biden. Let's face it: we do not have truthful and independent media any longer in this country. Fox News dropped the ball big time when it prematurely called the president’s race for Biden, because it wanted to be recognized to be the first one to do so. Shame on Fox News! What we need in our country once again is the pure and unfiltered truth without it being tainted with political correctness.

It comes down to what we the people are willing to tolerate concerning the lawlessness and corruption that is being perpetrated in America by the Marxists. Will we as a people continue and stand by while tens of millions more unborn babies are murder in their mother's wombs, and the very act of sodomy is celebrated through "same-sex marriage"? The divide between conservatives and liberals in all moral and political areas in this country has never been greater, even taking into consideration what brought on the War for Southern Independence. The South at that time was pushed into this war by the stranglehold on its economy, and the continuous attempts to shackle it from choosing its destiny.

As patriotic Americans, we are facing the same ideological principles as the South did at that time in history. Is history repeating itself? The question is: What will be our response? One great statesman said, "When the government fears the people, you have liberty, but when the people fear the government, you have tyranny."

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