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Saturday, April 13, 2024 - 01:04 AM


First Published in 1994


Joe Biden, who has not been officially elected, is prematurely picking people for his cabinet positions. Those who he has already selected have the stench of a backed-up, political sewer smell. If Biden is successful in occupying the White House, he will have some of the same sleazy leftists surrounding him as Obama did. This will be the return of the "Little Marxist Rascals" in the White House with Biden being pushed by Harris and other Marxists to support far-left policies.

Biden stood on the stage during a Democrat presidential debate and said, "The gun industry is our enemy." What he is saying is that all gun owners of America are their enemies. Biden and Harris both have stated publicly that they support gun confiscation. If he selects Beto O'Rourke, a recent Democrat presidential candidate, as his Czar for a gun confiscation program, America will become like the old western town of Dodge City on a Saturday night. American gun owners will be drawing their guns out to protect family and property. It ain't happening, Joe, so get over it!

Illegal immigrants are already moving towards our southwest border in anticipation of Biden becoming president. Biden has recently stated that he wants a pathway to citizenship (amnesty) in his first ninety days in office, and that there are only 11,000,000 illegal immigrants in this country. Our answer to Biden is that people in the Shauri Desert want ice water too, but it won't happen. The figure for illegal immigrants is about 20,000,000. Amnesty would be an open invitation to thousands upon thousands of illegals to cross our border. They would certainly bring Covid-19 and other diseases with them. Our medical facilities, which are already stranded, would quickly become overwhelmed from treating illegals.

Tom Brokaw the retired liberal news reporter was recently on "Meet the Press." During this interview, he said that Hispanics should make it a priority to learn English in this country, and they should assimilate more into American society. The PC police very quickly jumped on him about his remarks. Brokaw, unfortunately, apologized, which was a serious mistake.

Hispanics that are here have a tenancy to live in enclaves and speak their language. Congress should have passed a law years ago to make English the official language to be spoken in our country. Also, Congress should put a moratorium on immigration for three years; so it can get control of the illegal immigration problem. The Democrats love illegal immigration because it means more illegal votes for them on election day. Illegal immigration is the death knell of any nation. As President Trump says, "A country without borders is not a country."

Biden's foreign policy would be one of appeasement as it was under Obama. The axle of evil, which are China, Iran, and North Korea are looking forward to him being in the White House. When Obama and Biden were in office, these three countries got by with extortion concerning trade, unopposed military build-up, and one-sided, worthless treaties. President Trump quickly set things straight. He pulled America out of the Iran nuclear deal, and he signed a new trade deal with China. This deal favored America, and it has been bringing in billions of dollars more into our free enterprise system. This will change under a Biden and Harris administration. If Biden becomes president, instead of the American tradition of eating hamburgers and hot dogs on the 4th of July, he and his Marxist cohorts may be eating Chinese chop suey.

The Marxist circle of corruption, which includes the leftist media, Democrat politicians, Marxist educators, and labor unions have wrapped their slimy arms around Biden (Ahab) and Harris (Jezebel) to protect and encourage them to pursue their Marxist agenda. Mr. President, thank you for being the people's president that could not be bought, and we are with you all the way. The ignorant, deceiving, and cheating Marxist Democrats inspired me to write this article.

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