The question is what issues are winning. The Republican Party can be united but not around personalities and certainly not around the sense of unity itself. It has to be about ideas.

I like the thought of asking candidates "Why are you a Republican?" If it's some mumbo jumbo about the opportunity party and "jobs" they won't get my vote. Even "traditional values" is necessary but not sufficient at this point. We are at a very serious time in American history and we have to elect candidates at all levels who recognize that. I'm looking for folks who are Republicans because they want to:

  • Restore strict adherence to the Constitution,
  • Defeat globalism and defend American sovereignty,
  • Break up the administrative state and the bureaucracy,
  • Stop the cozy relationship of government with big corporations and treat everyone equally rather than handing out special favors,
  • Dismantle the emerging social credit/surveillance society,
  • Demand complete transparency in government, and
  • End legal intentional abortion.

Also, I want to know how these candidates are fighting for these issues now. It's one thing to make promises but quite another to be able to show where you've actually been in the trenches.

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