Doubting that many really care, or are just “feed-up” with recent “politicking”, never-the-less I‘m noting my reflections, because I sense many curious, conflicting contradictions : believing the  Nov. 6 results conveyed a serious concern for what lies ahead --  especially for committed Constitutional Conservatives – like me. They’ll continue to be all manner of statistical evaluations, but my 70 + years of ‘involvement’ triggers commentary.


Yes, there were some areas of encouragement. IE: re-election of our Republican S.C. State office holders and added seats to our U.S. Senate majority.  But, the LOSS of our 1st. Dist. Congressional seat (in 30 yrs.) and our Congressional majority, reveals many concerns. Granted, the other 400 + Congressional Districts (neighborhoods), have different statistical compositions, yet ALL these voters have been benefitting from the last 2 yrs. of our greatly improved economy, full employment with higher pay, reduced taxes and regulations, 401K  and IRA retirement funds at record highs, thriving new and expanding old businesses; YET, in some 220 Congressional Dist., these  voters elected a Democrat ? Realizing that there can be a “blue” Dist. inside a “red” State, this voting has a mysterious ideological CONFLICT ... especially when one considers the consequences! IE: REJECTION of our best economic times; rejection of Trump’s agenda to “Make America Great Again” gaining needed respect from other Nations; REJECTING control of our serious immigration intrusions; risking LOSS of our needed tax reductions--- etc.?? THEN. placing House leadership in the hands of left wing liberals like - Pelosi, Cummings, Clyburn, Nadler, Maxine Waters, etc. committed to: killing our tax cut; dissolving ICE; open boarders; impeachment threats; reinforce “Obamacare”; unlimited ‘investigations’; relaxed voter requirements like same day voting - a long list of a promised socialistic agenda – supported by University student ‘brainwashing’ and the mass media propaganda machine !! HOW CAN such socialistic welfarism possibly outweigh the free enterprise benefits now AVAILABLE TO ALL?  (Perhaps to half the population paying NO Fed tax and/or those that enjoy government dependency?)

As in ours, many Districts elected Democrats, with little public service experience, who ran deceptively hiding their Democrat Party ID; yet will be forced to adhere to the Dems, extreme liberal agenda and commit to impede or kill the Republican agenda!  It’s reported, that big $ from ‘outside’ sources helped finance many. What’s puzzling is why voters in most of these 220 Districts are so committed to a socialistic ideology, that they would knowingly vote against ALL the measurable benefits they now enjoy? (And that Republicans have historically supported) How could so many places our treasured freedoms and our Constitutional Republic in serious jeopardy?

It’s seems clear that Newt’s considered conclusion - publicly stated - that it is “no longer Republicans Vs. Democrats – rather (freedom loving) Americans Vs. Socialists!” Per my conclusion = “Is you is – or is you ain’t!!“

Historically, Republicans ALWAYS concede, “reaching across the aisle” creating many of our massive- out of control big government- and our $22 TRILLION – unmanageable DEBT! There can no longer be an “in between”!

Time has long since come to ‘take a stand’ and to knowingly VOTE accordingly and DEMAND the same from our elected Republicans

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