Socialism was being promoted in the U.S. long before Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President and began implementing his socialist agendas. The national media, public education, university professors, politicians, the entertainment industry, and assorted propagandists continue to proclaim socialism the path to Utopia and capitalism the “Jack the Ripper” of economics.

Many have been led to believe Acts 2.44-47 in the Bible justifies a socialist economy, failing to understand believers in that passage voluntarily agreed to share their possessions equally – they were not forced to do so a socialist political state.

In Matthew 20.1-15, our Lord Jesus Christ provides emphatic moral ground for the exercise of privacy and property rights under free-enterprise capitalist exchange. That moral ground is freedom to apply our intelligence, abilities, and motivation to our best advantage; freedom to invent produce, sell, and buy for our own private benefit and satisfaction.

Socialism is an immoral, evil tool energized by centralized power that denies those under that power freedom to apply their time, money, ability, and energy for their exclusive benefit. The fruits of their labor become property of the state, to be used by the state for the “greater good.” Inevitable consequences of such economic control and confiscation of wealth are scarcity of goods and services, a lower living standard for most of a population, and equal sharing of misery by all except those holding the reins of control.

The bedrock of freedom is our God-ordained right to privacy, property and life. Therefore, the primary purpose of government at any level is to safeguard these rights. They are protected internally through just laws and the honorable profession of law enforcement; externally by a well-trained, well-equipped professional military.

God has richly blessed our nation, and this blessing includes economic freedom by which we became the world’s best example of business and industrial innovations, inventions, and technology. Free-enterprise capitalism became the basis for unprecedented advances in food production and preservation, housing, medicine, and medical procedures, communication, construction, transportation, entertainment, defensive military weapons, and time-saving conveniences. Those who live at the level our government calls “poverty,” eat better, live longer, and enjoy more comforts than tens of millions subsisting under socialism and communism. The common man in America enjoys amenities that were unavailable to the wealthiest less than two centuries ago.

Socialist propaganda encourages the notion that capitalism creates wealth by exploiting the poor and failing to share that wealth equally (with non-producers). However, legitimate wealth is dependent on creating products that appeal to consumers. Consumers who are free to vote with their money create wealth for businesses and industries by purchasing products and services. Under a socialist economy, producers are looted by the state for the benefit of those in control. Consider America’s “welfare state.” This vote-buying scheme was hatched decades ago from the minds of liberal Democrats.

Under this system taxpayers are forced to house and feed tens of millions of indolent people who, unfortunately, have voting privileges and can be relied upon to support politicians who promise to keep this socialist tit in place. Free-enterprise capitalism is conducive to generous charitable giving for the legitimate poor. Although the top ten percent of wealthiest Americans pay the most in taxes, many are among the most generous supporters of charities.

“Soak the rich,” class warfare, and the politics of envy, are right out of the communist playbook. The socialist-communist idea of “social justice” is collective ownership and control of all means of production through centralized government. Such control denies natural economic human interaction whereby people apply their abilities and labor for their exclusive benefit.

Although maligned and castigated as a capitalist scoundrel, Andrew Carnegie’s immense wealth belied his humble beginning. As a youngster he was a “bobbin boy” working twelve hours a day in a cotton mill. He displayed remarkable self-discipline early in life by consistently saving a portion of his meager salary. Advancing to better paying jobs he continued to save, eventually combining his savings with borrowed funds so that, by means of investment genius under free-enterprise capitalism, he became one of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneur industrialists. He not only provided jobs for thousands, he also became the most famous philanthropist of his day by giving away most of his fortune. Under a socialism, Carnegie’s investment acumen and ability would have been stifled and most of his earning confiscated by the state.

Generations of Americans have been influenced by government schools (public education) and radical university professors to believe the communist lie that the Industrial Revolution impoverished the “working class.” In truth, it was a revolution of inventions and processes under free-enterprise that provided an almost infinite variety of products and services at reasonable prices for the benefit of all. This would not have occurred under a socialist system because socialism destroys incentive. It is also precursor to communist enslavement and forced labor under their slogan: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

Since the decade of the thirties, Communist, pro-Communists, and assorted fools in our government have used the benefits of our free-enterprise economic system to keep Russian communists in power. American farmers grow and harvest enough food to feed us and export millions of bushels of wheat annually to Communist Russia where millions of farmers under communist tyranny are forbidden to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Apart from American free-enterprise production and traitors in Washington, Russia would be a third-world country, not a military superpower poised for our defeat.

Due to an increasingly socialistic government we have degenerated into a very limited free-enterprise economic system. A host of federal agencies have created hundreds of rules and mandates that strangle free-enterprise capital investment. No business, industry, manufacturing process, product, or service is free from government regulations and over-sight. A business cannot “legally” build, hire, fire, pay wages, or produce without complying with a maze of federal regulations created under the allegation of promoting public safety, fairness, and “non-discrimination.”

By God’s grace, the process of our nation’s decline has slowed considerably due to the courage of President Trump and his efforts to “Make America Great Again.” He has done much to get government off the backs of the people and the economy, therefore has been a major obstacle to our Marxist-socialist enemies and their agendas for bringing America down. Therefore, since his inauguration he has been subjected to the most intense campaign of hate, slander, and character assassination in modern history.

The up-coming national election in November will be the most critical election since before our Second War for Independence (“Civil War”). The enemies of our liberties, culture and way of life are working frantically to keep President Trump out of the White House in 2021.

New World Order socialist billionaires are financing a smorgasbord of organizations to create social disorder, vote fraud, and voter intimidation to insure our President’s defeat.

Socialist-Democrats have targeted young “millennials” for their support with socialist promises, such as, “forgiving” $1.6 trillion in college debts, guaranteeing a “living wage,” promising “Medicare for All”, etc. The votes of these youngsters, in combination with millions of fraudulent votes, a majority of Black votes, and irresponsible, lazy, unconcerned Americans who do not vote, may result in another Marxist-socialist President. If that happens it may indicate the beginning of a more intense phase of God’s judgment upon our nation.

Many Christians, this writer included, believe Donald Trump’s election in 2016, was a grace-interlude from God. It should also be considered a divine warning that our national dilemma has no human remedies.

Our culture, government, economy, military, and educational institutions have been radically altered to obliterate the historical ethos of our nation. However, it is important for people, especially Christians, to realize these destructive aberrants and aberrations are only symptoms of our disease, not the disease itself America’s disease is neither social, political nor cultural – it is spiritual. The national spiritual stream of consciousness has almost disappeared. And for this primary reason we have lost God’s national blessing and protection. The core of spiritually mature believers functioning as “salt” and “light” ambassadors for Jesus Christ has become too small to sustain God’s favor upon our land (Matthew 5.13-14).

Too many Christians in too many generations have found satisfaction in churches led by pastors who, for various reasons, do not study and teach Bible doctrine. These type Christians are in the category described by Hosea 4.1,6. They are going through life as ignorant spiritual “babies” keeping their “diapers” (souls) filled with the excrement of their mental and verbal sins.

Without consistent, frequent orthodox Bible teaching by the right pastors, believers remain ignorant of spiritual assets that produce the true Christian life. Spiritually immature Christians live in fear just as non-Christians do because they have no inner spiritual resources for tranquility of soul in Satan’s world system (I Corinthians 3.1-3; Ephesians 4.11-16).

My prediction:

Unless God graciously intervenes in our behalf, Donald Trump will not be our President in the year 2021. Lazy non-voters, sucker-voters, and fraudulent ballots have great potential for another disastrous Marxist-socialist in the White House. Consequences of such folly could include Russia or China taking advantage of our many weaknesses by their ultimatum: “Surrender or die!” It will also be the doom of our election process, therefore no future possibility for a conservative person who loves our country being elected to our nation’s highest office.

God’s solution:

If you are a Christian and this treatise has depressed you, you should give serious consideration to two important issues. First, your need for the spiritual food of sound doctrinal Bible teaching by the right pastor. Secondly, you should believe and apply God’s promises to Solomon, for they are as applicable for us today as they were some thousand years before Christ came into this world as the perfect God and a perfect man to be judged for the sins of mankind:

lf I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people, and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their evil ways, then will I hear from Heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7.13-14).

If you are not a Christian, you have no hope in this world or the next. You need eternal relationship with God as a member of God’s royal family, and the only way to have this relationship is by believing what the Bible says about Jesus Christ. Christ was thinking of you when He was paying the sin debt of all mankind. He paid for your sins and mine as our Substitute and came out of a tomb as our Intercessor. This means your sins are not an issue for eternal life. The only issue is Jesus Christ and your volitional freedom to accept or reject Him as your Savior. God loves you, but God does not force anyone to accept His gift of eternal life.

“Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved... ” (Acts 14.31a). “For God loved the world so much that He gave His uniquely born Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal Life.” (John 3.16). Jesus said, “...I Am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live, even if he dies [physical death].”

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