Chicora Historic Home featuring the 1st national flag CSA in Belton, SC.

The twentieth anniversary celebration of Winnie Davis 442, United Daughters of the Confederacy, was held on the afternoon of Sunday, May 1, 2016, at Chicora historic home located in a rural area between Belton & Williamston.  This home was built in the 1840s by William Anderson, who served later as an officer in the Confederate military.  After his death during the War, his widow Lucretia Breazeale Anderson used her home as a girl’s school.  Chicora was surrounded by Federal troops who were part of Brown’s Raid on May 1, 1865.  The house was ransacked but Mrs. Anderson’s courage and level-headed approach convinced the Federals to not only spare the home but to return all items looted.  Dr. Timothy Drake, noted scientist and Clemson University entomologist, has restored this home for nearly 30 years, making it one of the most historic homes in the County.  LuAnne Childress Foster of Belton wore period widow’s attire in the role of Lucretia McFall Anderson to invite guests into the home for the celebration.  Dr. Drake welcomed the ladies of Winnie Davis 442 and their guests.  He shared the history of the home, and noted that the property was part of a Cherokee cemetery!  There is one Indian mound in his front yard which was excavated in the early 1920s during the construction of Broadway School Road.  The remains of a Cherokee were found, and respectfully covered for posterity.  The Mound now is covered with liriope and marked with a marble icon.  President Pamela Hamilton Durham opened the meeting with the UDC ritual, flag salutes, and prayers.  The meeting then featured one very special event: the presentation of the Judah P. Benjamin Award.   Nancy Austin of Pelzer was the Judah Benjamin chair for the event.  The Judah P. Benjamin Award is presented to honor the Secretary of State of the Confederate States of America. It consists of a certificate & medal awarded to individuals for outstanding endeavors and achievements not necessarily related to the Confederacy in the following fields: civic / community service, conservation, education, the environment, humanitarian efforts and patriotic service.  Five individuals were honored at the May 1 event.  The first Judah P. Benjamin award was presented to Dr. Tim Drake of Belton, SC, who is now a two-time recipient of this award!  Dr. Drake was presented the award for his patriotic work in presentations of historic citizens such as William Middleton and Manse Jolly, as well as providing tours to historical organizations and doing programs on War Between the States era topics.  Gregory Lambert of Greenville, SC, was honored for his educational outreach using music and literature to convey the emotions of the Confederate soldier, based upon actual letters from Confederate soldiers.  Michael Barnes, of Honea Path, SC, was presented the award for his patriotic work in installation and cleaning of Confederate graves, portrayal of horse mounted Confederate soldiers, detailed research on the horses of Robert E. Lee, and supporting the Children of the Confederacy in grave dedications.  Allen Ashley of Honea Path, SC, was honored for patriotic work in leading the Battle of Anderson living history educational event and for restoring the Annie Lee Confederate cannon.  Daniel Charles Durham of Greenville, SC, received the Judah Benjamin Award for patriotic work, in recognition of decades of support of Confederate heritage.  He has given numerous hours to cleaning and restoring graves, placing iron crosses, and utilizing technology to document the gravesites with GPS coordinates to Find-a-Grave.  He has hosted events at his home and has given presentations using artwork and maps to explain the leadership of Gen. Lee & Gen. Jackson to the Joseph Evan Davis 907 Chapter sponsored by Winnie Davis 442.  The next presentation was to Jacklyn Daniel Templin, a new member.  She now joins her mother, Chapter Chaplain Patricia Daniel, as a member of Winnie Davis 442.  Chapter Associate Member Karen Williams Kenyon requested to transfer her membership from her chapter in Virginia to Winnie Davis, and this request was approved.  The Chapter voted to invite Mrs. Page Cherry Rice of Belton, SC, to join the Chapter.   Mrs. Durham shared this history of the Chapter.  Mrs. Eleanor Moody Campbell presented the slate of nominees, who were then elected by the Chapter.  Piedmont District officer, Regina Orzechowski of Townville, installed the newly elected officers.  The meeting concluded with homemade cakes and ice cream on the porch of Chicora.  Anyone wishing more information about the UDC or joining the Winnie Davis 442 Chapter should contact Pamela Durham at 864-630-8086 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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