Costumes and fall weather seem to go together. Turn on the TV, and you’ll recognize beloved football mascots. Answer the doorbell, and you’ll see dressed-up children hoping for candy.

Unfortunately, voters must also contend with disguises that have less sentimental appeal and far more serious implications for the state. Consider how our country has spent the last four years struggling through the administration of a politician who portrayed his values as something far different from his true character.

True conservatives must be especially watchful against would-be politicians who disguise their real political allegiances in order to gain office. That means discerning facts that some candidates find more convenient to keep out of the public eye.

This type of bait-and-switch tactic is playing out right now in Senate District 6 in Greenville County.

State Senate candidate Tommie Reece tells us that she is a Republican, but her history of activism should make conservative voters wonder if being “Republican” is anything more than a costume of convenience.

In 2009, Tommie Reece donated to a Democrat governor, and the following year she gave money to a Democrat State Senator and Democrat State House Representative. These aren’t isolated examples. In 2007, Reece donated more money to a Democrat State Superintendent of Education. Again in 2009, she gave money to a Democrat running for State Superintendent of Education, and in 2010 gave her money to a Democrat candidate for State House.

It’s not just money. In the 2008 election that brought us President Obama, Tommie Reece voted in the Democratic Presidential Primary.

Did she vote for Hillary or Mr. Obama?

Voters have the right to know where candidates stand, and it’s apparent that Tommie Reece stands with liberals and Democrats.

This November, voters should tell Reece costumes are for football mascots and trick-or-treaters, not candidates for higher office.

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Mike Scruggs