After serving as a Marine Sgt. in S-2 in the Korea war, I started back to Southern Illinois University as a freshman in March of l954 as a student of History.  I soon learned that a quote, "Man's History reads like a soap opera gone amok" is a truism.  I also learned that political correctness is nothing more than a lack of moral courage, and you will be labeled a racist if you tell the truth about minorities.

Pat Buchanan, a token liberal commentator for NBC, also learned the hard way two years ago to not speak the truth when he quoted from his recent book on MSNBC "That  blacks and American Indians have never assimilated into American society."  He was then unceremoniously fired' by NBC's liberal elites but nobody seems to care since 'race hustler' Al Sharpton and his 'far left wingers' are almost MSNBC's only spokes people and viewers.

Donald Trump is also learning to never speak the truth about a minority, but fortunately, unlike most politicians, he has the cojones to stand firm on his recent honest comments on 7/6/15 about Mexican 'Immigrants'.   On Monday the 7th, he said "the Mexican government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States," and criminals, drug dealers, rapists" are among them."  He said "many fabulous people" come from Mexico and the U.S. is better for them, but this country has become a dumping ground for Mexico.

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Mike Scruggs