Contrary to the reasoning of Stephen Goss outlined in his letter printed in an upstate newspaper, neither “illegal aliens” nor “legal aliens” have a “moral right” to vote in local American elections based solely on paying some local taxes! Illegal aliens have no legal right to be here at all-must less vote! The right to vote only belongs to citizens of the United States! Just because you “illegally occupy space” with your body in the United States does not enhance your right to vote! Stephen does concede only “citizens” should vote in state and national elections, but feels “illegal aliens” and especially “legal aliens” should  be morally entitled to vote in local elections simply because they pay some taxes to their local taxing jurisdictions while personally, but nonetheless as “aliens” in America, occupying space in that locality!

Advocating “alien” (all non-citizens are Federal “statutory aliens”) voting in local elections simply founded, per se, on “moral right” raises an alarming and disturbing red flag. Once conceding the “moral right” argument locally it could be dramatically and easily expanded to state and national elections! After all, there are income taxes and many other “taxes” also paid by some “aliens” to those authorities! Stephen deceptively, but consistently with National Socialist Democratic Party fake news media’s orchestrated “brain washing” tactics, softens and modifies the proper federal statutory term “alien” to 1984 “Newspeak” terms, i.e.,: “illegal immigrants” and “legal immigrants” in his letter! No longer “aliens”-now “immigrants”! The term now presently advocated by President Biden’s administration is “undocumented immigrant.” No longer “illegal” just harmless “un-documented.” Newspeak was designed by Big Brother in the novel 1984 to MOLD and limit thought and subtly remold “free speech” to Big Brother’s concept of free speech! Deceptive “brain washing” at its best! The federal statutory definition, however, of anyone in the United States not a citizen is actually “alien.” The facts surrounding that presence determine whether it is “legal or “illegal.” Paradoxically, some unquestioned United States citizens such as drifters, transients, visitors and tourists pay some form of local taxes such as Accommodations and Hospitality taxes, but are forbidden to vote locallyNon-resident local United States citizens may also pay real and personal property taxes locally! Do they also have a “moral right” to vote locally though not resident? These mentioned American citizens do not mock and willfully breach our laws to enter and remain in the country as “illegal aliens” do! The deceptive, but intended “moral right” trap is: once a “resident” non-citizen alien gets on local voting roles with the necessary state identification or driver’s license, the inevitable next step, as a “moral right”, is simply to also voting in state and national elections! That is very probably the specific intent if the public falls for Stephen’s National Socialist Democratic Party deceptive “woke culture” farce!! The New York Daily News reports that leading advocates in the National Socialist Democratic Party who advocate that “legal aliens”, who have no legal allegiance to the United States, but nonetheless should be allowed to vote in local municipal elections include the incoming mayor of New York City, Eric Adams.

Local taxes are based on public services actually available to those “resident” in that taxing jurisdiction “regardless” of citizenship. The tax is based on services extended to all locally. If you receive the service as a resident, whether citizen or not, you should pay the tax-without voting rights! You are simply paying for what you get! If you want to vote-follow the law and become a citizen in addition to being a resident! Mr. Goss acknowledges services such as schools; police, fire, roads, etc. are available to all residing locally (citizen or alien). He does not claim a tax paying “alien” is denied some “services” because of a citizenship issue. So what is the problem? Why would “illegal aliens” or even “legal aliens” as non citizen aliens also be entitled to more privileges just from doing (paying taxes) what others locally are also doing and receiving? Stephen states he is now a citizen: it follows therefore, by virtue of that fact, he now has valid standing concerning citizens’ privileges and representation of anything before his respective governments, “but” he also now has, by oath, important and distinguishing “additional personal obligations!!” Citizenship “carries” legal Obligations and Privileges: (one is “legal” personal Allegiance to government) to our nation that “aliens” don’t automatically assume! Additionally, even some citizens who permanently reside outside a locality may also pay some taxes locally but that does not, per se, give them the right to vote locally without residency; and, additionally, they may not even personally receive services paid for! Voting in American elections, rightfully, by law is generally reserved to citizens primarily because of legally enforceable “allegiance” owed to our governments! “Allegiance” is not just a fancy, weightless legal ease word or “art” of oratory. It has profound historical and legal repercussions for citizens! Non-Citizens (“aliens”: legal or illegal), whether they like it or not, are subject to existing law when they arrive and do not have the legal or even “moral” standing, as citizens do, to criticize being denied some “citizenship privileges”, such as voting. However, the seditious anti-American National Socialist Democratic Party does advocate borderless “world citizenship” with no allegiance, patriotism or affection for any particular host country; but, is focused on pure self gratification to be freely obtained from any country.  But even that farce should not include the right to vote “everywhere” as a transient, temporary resident or tourist!

Mr. Goss glibly introduces the very prominent tax issue that was present during the American Revolution, advocating some bold and persuasive, but actually spurious, association between that respected historical voting representation; and, taxes issues of true legal “citizens” from over 250 years ago, with present statutory defined “aliens, legal or illegal” voting claims!!  But his association is an absolutely merit less, absurd and even ludicrous, attempt at comparison; and, an irresponsible effort to couple a creditable argument that has historic significance, then advanced in America, about representation of actual “citizens” with their acknowledged government to whom they actually owed legal allegiance (England); with, the present “disingenuous” claim of admitted non-citizen “aliens” with a host government to whom such “aliens owe no allegiance” and, in fact, that government does not recognize them as legally present but as lawbreakers in entering the nation; and, illegally riding the welfare system for free, must less  having “moral” voting rights!!

The Colonists and the British government then admitted a citizenship relationship and allegiance issue existed between them! The Colonists eventually renounced their “admitted” legal allegiance in the Declaration of Independence and intended to use force to terminate their legal allegiance to England as citizens! Taxes were one very prominent issue among many! The Crown responded by attempting, militarily, to enforce the allegiance of Colonist “citizens” by force and criminal claims of “treason.”Only “citizens” can be charged with treason as it is a violation of “legal allegiance.”  The American Colonists, at all times, referred to themselves, in their initial petitions to King George III and Declaration of Independence, as “American Subjects”, “English Freemen”, “fellow subjects with people in Great Britain”, “fellow citizens” and other variations of the same theme; and, those are “citizenship” claims that require government response because of mutual binding obligations and privileges between governments and citizens (not governments and illegal “aliens”)! King George, III responded with treason accusations! Present aliens in the United States have no inherent legal allegiance requirement to the United States and can not be charged with treason for certain acts committed against the United States! They have absolutely no legal allegiance to the United States to violate! Aliens owe legal allegiance to their country of birth and usually demonstrate their loyalty in American streets, as lawless mobs, extolling their native cultures and waving their native flags: that is strong evidence of their true identification and true allegiance! They just want, as bank robbers, to steal what working “citizens” of this nation have built!

In an address to Parliament King George III specifically stated the colonists had renounced their “allegiance.” (See also, Petitions of Continental Congress: October, 1774; July, 1775 and Declaration of Independence 1776). The Colonists never referred to themselves as “non-citizens” or “aliens” of any status while bemoaning non-representation rights about taxes! They did mention “physical” departure from England (emigration: (note the “e” not “i”, i.e., “citizens” from one part of the British Empire to another part) and emigration to the colonies, but their allegiance by law to the British Empire followed them to any part of the British Empire or other countries, and they finally, specifically, renounced their acknowledged “allegiance” (loyalty owed to the Crown as subjects or citizens).

“Moral right voting” on the issue of taxes and association with the American Revolution is simply another “Big Brother” attempted historical “truth” revision by anti-American, seditious and liberal socialist Democrats to rewrite history with the motive of knowing deception! Their political model is “Big Brother” of the novel “1984”. In Big Brother’s nurturing attitude people were taught: “War is Peace”; “Freedom is slavery”; Ignorance is strength.” In other words only government policy (and history) is to be believed-“not truth”. Government alone is to be worshipped. Government alone is your religion and master. In 1984 Government ministries daily misrepresented the news according to party policy. Party policy, to them, was truth for the nation! The National Socialist Democratic Party is “additionally” “misrepresenting” the true fact that our nation was actually founded “on” Christianity being infused into government and not separated from it! Ten (10) of the first State Constitutions of those former British Colonies that formed the nation by 1791, REQUIRED an acknowledgement of some form of Protestant Biblical Based Christianity BEFORE you could hold any public state office! They revered the teachings and loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ-so the issue then became,-not a Christian? Then you can't serve in state government! The three (3) remaining state constitutions (Vermont included)  praised Protestant Christianity and one acknowledged Christian freedom. Most today would not agree with those requirements and actually over the years the constitutions of states actually deleted them. But some kept them until the 1960’s. BUT, the fact is the nation was founded on the principles of Christianity, but not “government forced” Christianity! It was overwhelmingly a majority Christian nation and those “citizens” desired to be RULED by Christian Principles. Contra wise, for understanding purposes, we are today an overwhelmingly non-Christian nation; and, that majority of citizens want to be ruled by non-Christian and anti-God Principles. You could worship then what you pleased (maybe pine trees!) and express opinions as you pleased but they wanted Christians to make laws that governed them. Contra wise, today, Christians are denied that right of free public expression of independent principles and ALL must agree with and worship the anti-God principles of the National Socialist Democratic Party or face violence!

When formed the national Federal Government was actually denied “any” jurisdictional say over religion as it was practiced in the states. The states controlled all religion in their jurisdictions until the 1940’s.  The Federal Bill of Rights went even further and denied power to the national “Federal Congress” even to pass any legislation that even “touched” on religion “collaterally.” The Socialist and anti-Jesus Christ United States Supreme Court arbitrarily “gutted” that in the 1940’s and 1960’s. All original states approved of and advocated Protestant Christianity! The difference was then that the nation was a vastly predominate and practicing Protestant Christian nation that wanted Christian influence. It had flaws but it was evolving. Present anti-American; and, anti-God Liberal Socialist Democratic Party deception is easy to foist on the public when Socialism (Communistic leaning) controls educationnews media and Courts as “Big Brother” did in the novel “1984.” To our destruction, Americans know nothing of their true history or even current events except what the Seditious Socialist news media tells them (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times and Washington Post!!)

Basically, no one is “entitled” to enter our nation “no matter” the absolutely compelling need defined by them except as allowed by statute; and, certainly not the right then to vote after illegally entering and simply defiantly occupying space here like a foreign power. Brief examples of why: a citizen has the privilege of voting in the United States but also the obligation imposed by law by birth or naturalization here of “allegiance” to the United States; but, also an obligation to “good moral character” for aliens. Males over 18 within the territorial integrity of the United States are by statute, whether citizen; or, legal or illegal alien, are required to register with the Selective Service. Do you think a majority of male aliens “legal” or “illegal” over 18 have responded to law or exhibited moral character, and registered?  On the other hand “legal” aliens may actually enlist in the military of the United States but they must meet several standards and have some defined “legal” status (short of citizenship) in the United States. Unlike citizens they can not be given security clearances nor become officers. Also, all aliens are additionally required to register (U.S. Code: Title 8, 1304 (e) and 1306 (a)) and carry documentation. Do you think illegal alien males have demonstrated moral character and registered and carry documentation? Citizens properly born here inherently and automatically have a required allegiance and obligation to the United States and the State they are born in. Allegiance should be the foundational first and paramount requirement, among many possible requirements, to vote-not just paying taxes! Aliens (non-citizens) legal or not, with out taking a specific oath (usually at naturalization), have no such obligation, which raises the issue they may not be chargeable with treasonable acts against the United States (18 U.S. Code 2381). Their legal allegiance, which also usually attaches to the place of their birth, are the laws of the country where they were born! Unless legally removed, their country of birth can demand that allegiance! Who knows in what respect their foreign birth nation might use and demand their allegiance? Aliens may not voluntarily serve on American juries but citizens are required to serve absent legal excuse.  No alien (non-citizen as defined by U.S. Code, Title 8, 1101(a)(3)) should vote or even participate in government at all until citizenship! Citizenship should only be “given” to those of proven and demonstrated “good moral character” on which naturalization allegiance should be grounded!

Thieves; criminals: even citizens born here, have experienced in their lifetime personal “compelling” needs, but that does not justify “lawlessness” by them to gratify their perceived desires from the pockets or liberties earned by others. Such self defined “needy” US citizens usually end up in jail when they try to “take” what others have suffered to gather. “Illegal aliens”, (U.S. Code, Title 8, 1365 (b)”) dramatically prove, as do all who try to “take” from others, they have no good moral character and should be stopped at the border; and, all already here deported! Illegal aliens prove their moral depravity daily! They “knowingly and calculatingly” daily violate congressionally or state passed laws to steal and take what Americans have laboriously built and died for, near 250 years; and, they continuously daily violate our laws with impunity to stay here in the shadows or with the help of lawless and seditious National Socialist Democratic Party Sanctuary Cities! And, then claim the right to vote because they are paying local taxes for “local” services received! Most “illegally” receive welfare, food stamps and medical services as most public assistance is limited to “citizens” by statute! Illegal aliens can sign any form saying they are citizens-no body is allowed to check them or require any proof! Do you think when the goal of their mission of abundant free stuff is before their eyes they will turn moral and refuse to sign a false affidavit after breaking the laws of many countries and our country to get here and stay here? Illegal alien” logic parallels the child who cold bloodedly murders mother and father and then demands mercy before a “cold hearted” court because he or she is now a sad parentless orphan without parental love, shelter or food!

Our American ancestors proved their characters through incredible hardships over the last 250 years of our nation by building, enduring, suffering, working, dying and correcting injustice at home and around the world! They struggled, suffered and died: but now, “illegal aliens” want to skip the time, burdens and suffering of nation building and steal blood earned American benefits! They want to live in the completed house with ease (but complain of some aspects of design that America citizens need to adjust to “benefit legal or illegal aliens!”). They complain of these “shortcomings” after some one else struggled and built the house, paid for it and died for it! The daily continuing actions of “illegal aliens” are irrefutable evidence of undesirable and ingrained lawless character! They have learned to act lawlessly without retribution (as the National Socialist Democratic Party teaches them; and, will always act lawlessly to get what they want-as aliens or citizens! We don’t need more lawless people here! We are already over burdened with adherents of the National Socialist Democratic Party (Antifa and Black Lives Matter-who exist for the orgiastic ecstasy of hate, destruction and anarchy) destroying, looting, murdering and ignoring law and rights of innocents in huge population centers controlled by the National Socialist Democratic Party to “take’ what they want!

American “lawless citizens” primarily it seems belong to the seditious anti-American Democratic Party which birthed and now controls near 300 lawless, seditious and anti-American Sanctuary Cities! If you enjoy homelessness, not working, poor education, broken families, lawlessness in the streets, sanitation problems with attendant diseases, welfare issues, chaos and violence, go to a Democratic Party controlled big city! We do not need to “import” more lawless people!

When “legal aliens” (“aliens” here “lawfully admitted” with “legitimate documentation”) are fully naturalized according to statute for citizenship in the United States, I hope they fully realize their American Dream; and, live to a ripe old age and watch with comfort, satisfaction and pride as their children and grand children mature here and offer their talents, services and ALLEGIANCE to their “chosen” new nation. Legal aliens were not “born” here but dramatically prove their intrinsic “good character” and intentions by “patiently” respecting and obeying American laws and enduring our citizenship process; and, are entitled to every benefit of a “natural” born citizen. They consciously and deliberately “chose” this nation for their allegiance and endured a detailed process to be a “lawful” American Citizen! Folks like them are the foundation on which a society, culture and nation of laws can be built! They actually demonstrate their loyalty and allegiance to their new country with much more honest fidelity than many Americans “simply born here” but have no attachment to, nor identify with, the nation’s founding principles! Such new citizens should defend their new privileges, so hard earned by them, against illegal aliens and other anarchists who now also expect such new citizens to work and keep “illegals” up! This writer, religious issues aside and focusing on “secular” issues here, welcomes any properly documented alien who completes the naturalization process for citizenship as a new citizen, friend, neighbor and fellow American Patriot! The news about drugs, cartels, lawlessness, violence and economic disaster in Mexico and South America is rampant. It shouldn’t be imported here en masse through mass INVASION as is welcomed by the National Socialist Democratic Party!!

But, if you physically occupy space in this nation “illegally”: that act, and covert subsequent lawlessness in subterfuge; and, fraud in receiving government welfare and other benefits intended for citizens, proves you to be an intrinsically immoral, lawless “invader” and are not welcomed as those who undergo naturalization are welcomed! Like any thieving individual invader or nation, you come to “take” what others have earned and died for to satiate your personally conceived desires. If you had character you would stay in your own nation and fight and build  until abuses are corrected for all rather than fleeing and “illegally taking” what others have died and built! You have the same motives of taking from others as those you claim rule your birth country have! Neither should you vote in any American election even though you may pay some taxes; and, should, in fact, voluntarily go home or be jailed and fined the maximum statutory penalty and then deported upon your release from prison! Maintaining you in prison and then deporting you is the only American tax money well levied and spent on you!


Jim S. Brooks, retired, inactive attorney, SC Bar #911, 2400 East Blackstock Road, Roebuck, S.C., 29376-3205. 864-909-3695. (revised 11-22-21)