Sometime during a winter season in the insignificant, ancient Roman Province of Judea over two thousand years ago, God the Father, in love, chose to send His Word and Spirit into the material world He created and to reveal Himself in the human flesh of a fully human man who was named by His earthly mother Jesus. The incarnation is beyond the mental grasp of any of the seed of Adam, It had many purposes: (1) to fulfill God's ancient Promise to Israel (to send The Long Promised Anointed One) born of the seed of a woman (Jesus was a fleshy descendent of Eve-not Adam! Genesis 3-14. Because of her individual sin Eve paid the automatic sin penalty of death in the flesh.

But those born of a woman, without a human father, would be born without the inherited sin penalty of death in the flesh-unless they individually sinned-which all inherit from Adam, as Jesus would not inherit the automatic sin penalty which is death in all Adam’s seed. There has only been ONE such birth not involving a human male! Jesus was not subject to the original sin penalty of death we all inherit from the loins of Adam. But to have a pure offering to give for believer’s it was essential that Jesus not commit a single sin in thought or deed. Neither Eve, nor her seed: -Jesus, are descendants of the loins of Adamas we are. Jesus HAD TO VOLUNTARILY LIVE A PERFECT SINLESS LIFE in order to have a perfect sinless human body on the cross to pay the inherited sin penalty of those who believe in Him-and: (2) serve as a means to :GIVE”  UNDESERVED MERCY by God the Father to the Gentiles, and all flesh to cover their sins.

God demonstrated His satisfaction with the life of Jesus' and His voluntary love offering on the cross by resurrecting Jesus from the dead. Jesus just walked out of His tomb with a NEW BODY! Because of Jesus Christ alone BELIEVERS will INHERIT (not earn) the Kingdom of God and Eternal Spiritual life in a sinless resurrected body. Jesus Christ is our life (John 14, 6). On Jesus’ resurrection and ascension God turned over all power over ALL material and spiritual existence to His Only Son-Jesus Christ! Because of faith in Him alone we believers live! “Religion” and our “good deeds” won't accomplish what Jesus has done and is doing-ALONE. Adam’s lack of faith and trust in God’s Words DOOMED “ALL” in him-death in the flesh and a sin barrier to eternal life.  Our response to JESUS is faith alone for what He has done and is doing. Those in Adam AUTMATICALLY (despite any efforts otherwise they may have) die for what Adam did-we inherit his sin. Those in Jesus AUTOMATICALLY live for what Jesus did-we inherit it by being spiritually united with Him in the new birth-we inherit His righteousness.  

In the early Church there was a Mass at the approximate date of the birth of Jesus. It was called “Christ Mass”.  It was a solemn occasion of thanksgiving. We celebrate “Christmas” differently today. Then it was focused directly on Jesus. Today it is focused on us, merchants and our own. The original focus of thanksgiving was Jesus Himself. Have we “gentiles” become as “religious” and “calloused” as were the Jews who nearly all rejected Him when He first appeared? What happened to them-the chosen nation because of it! Follow their history!!!

Have a Joyful and Merry Christ Mass! Believer’s live because Jesus died and God accepted His offering for us. Jesus died in order to demonstrate His and God's love for us who simply believe and trust the Word of God-not our religion and/or goodness=for a true relationship with Him!

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