33 Active Article V Applications

33 Active Article V Applications

Mark Meckler's "COS" organization promises that nothing can come out of an Article V Convention except proposed Amendments to our existing Constitution; and that these proposed amendments will "limit the power of the federal government." 

But Robert P. George, a Member of the COS Legal Advisory Board, has already co-authored a new "conservative" Constitution which grants new powers to a new federal government and imposes gun control!   Robert P. George is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations which seeks to move the United States into the North American Union.  See, e.g.,  USMCA 'Trade Agreement,' the North American Union, an Article V convention, and Red Flag Laws: Connecting the dots.

As James Madison warned over 200 years ago, those who want to replace our Constitution will push for a convention under the pretext of getting "amendments". 

H 3205 isn't about getting a convention so we can get amendments to limit federal power.  It's about getting a convention where a new Constitution can be imposed.  

Please defeat H 3205.  And please defeat all other applications for an Article V Convention.  The ostensible "purpose" of the convention, as set forth in the State's application to Congress, is irrelevant.  The pro convention groups are already aggregating applications - some over 100 to 200 years old, to come up with 33 States with applications for a convention [2nd attachment].  They wanted South Carolina to be their 34th State.

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