The Need for Discernment and Speaking Out

U.S. Border Patrol Patch.
U.S. Border Patrol Patch.
On Wednesday, July 15, more than 70 U.S. Army soldiers of the 44th Medical Brigade were airlifted from Fort Bragg in North Carolina to McAllen, Texas. McAllen is on the Texas border with Mexico.

According to Lt. Col. Colin Frament, commander of the 528th Field Hospital, the primary mission of the Fort Bragg unit will be to aid local hospitals treating patients hospitalized as a result of Covid19 virus.

Texas, California, Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina have recently been hit with a resurgence of Covid19 cases. This resurgent outbreak of the virus has been attributed in the mainstream media and by some public officials to re-opening the economies of these states too soon. Some attribute it to spring-break revelers. One U.S. official partially attributed the surge to July 4 vacationers from New York and Pennsylvania. Others have attributed some of the resurgence to the complete relaxation of Covid19 social distancing rules for crowds of Black Lives Matter/Antifa supporters. All of these attributions may have some validity, but everybody is trying to cover up the big elephant in the tent. That big elephant is the surge of cases coming across the Mexican border and it strong spread among recently entering Hispanic migrants and workers both legal and illegal.

In North Carolina, where there is usually a large increase of Hispanic workers during the prime agricultural and tourist months, Latinos make up 9.6 percent of the resident population but are a whopping 44 percent of Covid19 cases.  In the case of both guest-workers and illegal immigrants, their living quarters are frequently crowded and social distancing much more difficult.

Several articles from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) point out a serious border problem in Texas. The coronavirus is raging in Northern Mexico and is spilling over the border and ravaging communities as it spreads from the border through jobs and family connections. According to a July 6 article by Todd Bensman, Senior National Security Fellow with CIS, Mexico is about one to two months behind the U.S. in Covid19 spread, and now thousands of Mexicans, including those with the virus, are fleeing across our borders. Hundreds of Border Patrol agents have also become sick. Acting Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan told a U.S. Senate hearing on June 25, that "several hundred" of his agents were infected with the virus due to "high-risk contact" with infected migrants they apprehended

A June 29 story quoted California's emergency medical services authority head Dr. David Duncan describing "the steady stream" coming into Imperial County as "gas on the fire" that will "continue to escalate and fuel the Covid pressures that we see." According to nurses and pastors in Riverside, California, Covid19 patients are being flown in by helicopters because the hospitals near the border are overwhelmed and patients cannot get treated in Mexico.

In Arizona, new positive infections skyrocketed from 12,032 to 54,586 cases in June. The spread originates from the border counties. The border cities of Yuma and Nogales are the state’s highest infection centers with positive Covid19 tests in Santa Cruz County tripling to 31 percent of tests since May.  In Yuma County, positive Covid19 cases tripled from 1,289 to 4,591 in June.  Pima County reported 187 cases on June 1 and 5,587 last week.

On March 20, President Trump closed the border for tourist and recreation traffic, but not for medical treatment and many other visa types.  Border agents are also seeing widespread fraudulent medical refugee claims by non-Mexicans.  There are many visa problems that now demand much tighter control. It is also urgent to re-evaluate and place greater control and monitoring requirements on guest-worker programs. Refugee admission and resettlement should also require considerably more scrutiny. The big elephant under the tent has become a giant sacred cow that everybody is afraid to mention. Problems that people are afraid to mention never get fixed. We urgently need to tighten our immigration and refugee policies to protect the safety and health of all Americans and legal immigrants.

We also need to make doubly sure that our Covid19 data and analysis are accurate and do not reflect political biases and election agendas. Tremendous discrepancies exaggerating Covid19 spread were recently discovered in Florida.  Our mainstream media has become a channel for sustaining ignorance, creating hysteria, and accomplishing its own political agendas, so we must be diligent in our discernment of truth.  

Closing the economy and schools is not the solution. Closing the economy and schools is a political path that leads to economic, social, and political disaster of titanic nation-destroying proportions.  Open borders cannot be tolerated by sensible people. Open borders are plans for national suicide. The open border plans of Joe Biden and almost every Democrat politician are clearly a wide-open door to national public health and healthcare disaster as well as vast national security and public safety problems. Open borders are not consistent with law and order. They increase crime and disrespect for law.  Open borders mean lower wages and fewer jobs for Americans and lower standards of living for families and individuals. No honest, informed, and sensible citizen can vote for politicians who advocate or allow open borders.

We can no longer turn a blind eye to the link between weak immigration enforcement policies and severe public health risks. We can no longer ignore the enormous health, public safety, economic, and fiscal costs of importing “cheap” labor. We can no longer be silent or allow our political leaders to remain silent about it. Stop the cover-up and fix border policies and enforcement!

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