The Subversion of American Culture, History, and Government

Opal Tometi, Nigerian-American Communist organizer and Black Lives Matter co-founder.
Opal Tometi, Nigerian-American Communist organizer and Black Lives Matter co-founder.

In September 2016, I wrote an article on Black Lives Matter and the Muslim Brotherhood that has been getting a large number of recent internet hits. Hence, I can compare the Google articles of this week with those of nearly four years ago. According to the recent Google order and quantity of results, Black Lives Matter (BLM) has moved from an organization closely associated with orchestrated rioting, wanton destruction of private and public property, defamation of law enforcement officers, and Marxist ideology to a principled paragon of civic idealism seeking racial justice and reconciliation especially focusing on preventing police brutality toward blacks. Actually, the only things that have changed are that BLM in now lavishly financed by hundreds of naïve or bullied corporations, millions of utterly deceived idealists, and even more generously by George Soros and his civil rights front organizations. Doubtless, the Muslim Brotherhood still supports them. However, BLM is now one of the largest and richest organizations in the United States. They also have strong, mutually supportive relationships with the Democrat Party and its candidates. Their posh funding and connections have greatly improved their public relations image, although they are more dangerous and subversive than ever.

A few large donors (Nike, Netflix, and the NAACP) have now recognized BLM’s extremist agenda and deftly shifted their support elsewhere.   

The leaders of BLM admit to being trained Marxist organizers. Their goal is not to make the American Dream a reality for everyone. It is a revolutionary ideology committed to completely transforming the United States into a radicalized socialist state whose citizens dare not question the new racially conscious Marxist ideology, where newly determined group rights and “group guilt” outweigh individual rights, values, and principles. Donations to BLM are likely to bankroll radical organizations and political candidates favoring a moral, religious, cultural, economic, and political transformation of America by authoritarian means.

An Air Force Vietnam veteran friend of mine was captured, when his plane was shot down over North Vietnam. He spent more than a year in a North Vietnamese POW camp near Hanoi before he and 590 others were released in 1973.  His experience allowed him to boil Communism, Communists, and Marxists down to a one word description—they are “bullies.”  Having often written about the Vietnam War and the evils of Communism, I agree that this is a valuable one word description that embraces much underlying truth about Marxism or any brand of totalitarian government. It applies especially well to Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  It also applied well to Nazis. The Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic terrorists are more complex religiously, but operationally, they are the same—bullies. Bullies often have intensive propaganda and public relations schemes and influential apologists and friends, but when the wrapping is peeled back, they are still bullies. Such is Black Lives Matter. The motto “Black lives matter’ belies their heart. That they frequently take violent exception to those who reply, “All lives matter” is proof of their duplicity. In George Orwell’s short 1946 classic, Animal Farm, based on the Stalinist Soviet Union, the Seventh Revolutionary Commandment was eventually  changed from “All animals are equal’ to “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,” which was a declaration that only the pigs who had usurped power mattered.

According to the New York Post and the Heritage Foundation, the Platform of the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) includes six major demands with three to ten subparts for each major demand.

1. End the War on Black People—These 10 subparts are basically a severe reduction in government ability to maintain a system of justice and law and order. .

2. Reparations—include guaranteed minimum income for all black people and guaranteed admission to quality education. It also requires transfer of wealth and assets from corporations and governments to blacks and continuous re-evaluation of reparation necessities.

3. Invest-divest—This is essentially reallocation of financial and human resources in government, providing for universal healthcare, free education, defunding a large share of police budgets, reduction in military expenditures, and increasing funding of social programs. .

4. Economic Justice—redistribution of wealth through taxes and special projects benefiting especially blacks.

5. Community Control—democratic control of law enforcement at all levels. It also includes eliminating private education. All schooling would be government controlled. BLM deemphasizes the nuclear family and would de-criminalize prostitution. 

6. Political Power—it is actually all about obtaining and using political power to transform America into whatever Marxist hell they want. See George Orwell’s Animal Farm for a likely result.

This is basically a blueprint for human misery and a stealth form of slavery far more oppressive than was ever seen before in North America.

In a 2015 interview, the founders of BLM—Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi—admitted that they were trained Marxist organizers. Tometi admitted she has worked with and is a fan of Venezuela’s Marxist dictator, Nicolas Maduro.  Venezuela was once one of the richest countries in the world but is now suffering hyper-inflation, starvation, extreme poverty, and economic chaos.

On June 25, Martha MacCallum, of Fox News interviewed the head of New York BLM, Hawk Newsome, in which he said,

“If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down the system and replace it….I just want black liberation and black sovereignty, by any means necessary.”

The goals of the Black Lives Matter organization are far more extensive and radical than people who know only their slogan think. But most of the news media have ignored or covered up their dangerous anti-white goals and violent methods.

White Guilt has been an enormously important factor is the success of Black Lives Matter and the subversion of the founding principles and values of our country. 

White Guilt is when whites individually or collectively in significant numbers feel they must continually prove they are not racist.

 Having to prove a negative is always problematic. This has advanced to the point where the negative stigma of any hint of racism is so feared that truth, sound reason, and moral principle are abandoned to avoid it. This has led to an enormous amount of damaging social and political nonsense, insanity, and many injustices.  Taking advantage of White Guilt has become a common method of economic and political advancement by leftist activists, Marxists, and unscrupulous politicians, demagogues, and shake-down artists. It has had the effect of encouraging and increasing black and other minority militancy and bullying that calls for an unending chain of appeasements.

Shelby Steele’s 2006 book, White Guilt, defines and elaborates on the destructive nature of White Guilt in politics, The politics of White Guilt places racial diversity, multiculturalism, and racial preferences above the basic democratic values and principles of freedom and fairness. The subtitle of White Guilt is How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era. Steele argues that the politicized social engineering of White Guilt has discouraged blacks from taking fuller responsibility for their educational and economic advancement and led them to blame  continuing “systemic racism” that in reality is now rare. “Systemic racism” has long been a Marxist language tool for inciting racial division and enmity and extending White Guilt to new and more damaging extremes. Steele also argues that White Guilt dependence and Marxist philosophies have had a devastating effect on black families, resulting in markedly increased crime and other social maladies since the 1960s. He does not believe erasing U.S. history is helpful.  Steele is also the author of The Content of Our Character (1998), A Dream Deferred (1999), and Shame (2015).  

Steele is a “conservative” black intellectual, whose ideal is found in Jeffersonian liberty and compassion.  He is very similar to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in his thinking, and praises Thomas’s blistering minority opinion of the 5 to 4 SCOTUS 2003 decision to allow “diversity” considerations to outweigh objective qualifications in college admissions. Sandra Day O’Conner’s surprising swing vote in that decision to allow diversity needs to override objective merit was probably influenced by military concerns about the yawning gap between officer and enlisted diversity—a legitimate dilemma in my opinion. Steele urged that increased parental responsibility among black parents for educational quality was a much better remedy than the disincentives and White Guilt dependence created by diversity quotas. 

Steele also argues that White Guilt was a reason conservatives have largely lost the culture war. Defending Western Civilization was stigmatized as racist. The Marxists have cleverly made most of European and U.S. history racist. Law and order is racist.  There have been many instances of police brutality against blacks, and the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis was particularly cruel and inexcusable, but national statistics do not substantiate that police brutality is common or that its victims are disproportionately black adjusting for the demographic facts on crimes committed. According to a 2016 FBI report, blacks are only 13 percent of the population, but they commit 27 percent of the crimes. The much vaunted disproportionate police brutality against blacks is a Marxist inflamed myth. Marxist inspired organizers and politicians blame almost every black or minority social problem on “white supremacy” that is now either rare or considerably subdued. 

But Marxist revolution is not based on truth. It is always based on lies and stirred up resentment and hatred. It is based on a strategy of “moral” bullying, including political correctness, which has no legitimacy or merit and strongly contradicts Judeo-Christian traditions.

Black Lives Matter is a meaningful slogan, but we must keep in mind the greater truth that all lives matter and in the eyes of the law and God, all lives are equal. Moreover, the BLM movement has become a violent, bullying, and subversive Marxist inspired and trained threat to public safety and American freedom. Sound leadership must recognize this threat and dismantle the White Guilt stigma syndrome that is undermining rational thought and government policy and supporting and encouraging subversive semi-terrorist and developing terrorist organizations.

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