The huge banner that still waved. On September 14, 1814,  Fort McHenry, Baltimore.
The huge banner that still waved. On September 14, 1814, Fort McHenry, Baltimore.

Political Shadows of Cultural Madness and Freedom’s Loss

The November 2020 Election could effectively end the Constitutional Republic declared on July 4, 1776, and also close forever any chance of recovering it. The Democrat Party has become so thoroughly dominated by radical Marxist ideology that they are an extreme danger to freedom, future American prosperity, any resemblance to just government, and even national survival.

I do not believe Joe Biden will be the Democrat Presidential nominee. His increasing loss of mental competence is likely to result in his convenient replacement at the Democrat Convention or shortly thereafter.  The Democrats and their allied media are clearly making Trump-hatred their central issue, accompanied by opportunities to stir up racial tensions and white guilt. The less time the public gets to vet his replacement, the better for the Democrats.

I believe the Democrats are also seeking to center power in Congress and degrade the power of the presidency, states, and courts, although they will use an expanded Supreme Court and court system to do much of their bidding.  This would resemble the precedent of radical Republicans during the Reconstruction years of 1865-1877, where a small joint committee of radical Senators and House members and a few key radical cabinet members ran the country. This is how Thaddeus Stevens, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, received the unofficial title “The Boss of America” after Lincoln’s assassination and the radical Republicans’ displeasure with Andrew Johnson over his and Lincoln’s soft Reconstruction policies. These years were noted for the astonishing growth of despotism and crony-capitalist and government corruption.  

Certainly Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi would be part of the ruling committee. Former President Barack Obama would be a major influence. The most likely new cabinet member to be included would by former Congressman, Democrat Party leader, and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who is strongly connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.  If Biden is part of the committee in whatever capacity, he will be only manipulated public relations eye-wash without real influence. The total committee might be 12-24 members with 6-9 hard corps power players.

The Republican Party is certainly in need of some reforms, and many of its elected leaders need a strong boost in moral discernment, moral courage, and fighting spirit, but the Democrat Party has become a nightmare of dominance by rabid cultural Marxist ideology without any regard for truth, fairness, common sense, or traditional values. The American people need to rebuke their social and economic insanity.  If these radical mob kowtowing Democrats win the Presidency, House, and Senate, severe damage to the American economy, political system, culture, national security, public safety, and most of our freedoms will show up with bewildering speed. The damage would be irreparable, if the Democrats succeed with their plan to import tens of millions of new socialist leaning voters and make honest elections impossible by making vote fraud easy.  

Trump is the right man to lead in keeping America great, making her greater, and defeating   the disciples of canceling America, but this will be an uphill battle requiring strenuous effort and unflagging dedication. For over 40 years, our immigration and refugee systems have been slowly stacking the election deck against conservative influence. The demographics are already to the point of making electing a Republican President difficult. The Democrats’ promise of open door immigration policies and amnesties would quickly make electing a Republican President or having either a House or Senate majority impossible within two years. In addition, most of the mainstream media is relentlessly pounding away at sinking Trump one way or another day after day.  Their most prevalent method is the constant proliferation of orchestrated lies permeating every aspect of culture. Moreover, social media like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple News, Twitter, and Yahoo are constantly spreading anti-Trump propaganda and actively suppressing conservative influence online. The Washington Post and New York Times are becoming more and more outrageous in their war against truth.  Our education system has been creating socialist zombies, woke insanities, and political bullying of high school and college students for more than a generation.  Now hundreds of our largest corporations have been bullied into funding Black Lives Matter and left-leaning political funds, giving Democrats a considerable financial advantage over Republicans. It is not going to be easy, but we can and must win this coming election to save our country from political, economic, cultural devastation, and lawless chaos.

President Obama had brought the readiness and preparedness of our Armed Forces to a dangerously weak state, and Trump has brought it to new highs.  This should prove to anybody with sense that the Russians and Chinese preferred Hillary Clinton, who would have continued Obama’s devastation of U.S. national security.  It is highly probable that Trump’s defeat would quickly reverse our military capabilities. China would soon become the world’s greatest economic and military power with the U.S. falling to third place behind Russia, and perhaps lower. The U.S. dollar would also lose its place as the international monetary standard. All this would have immediate unwanted monetary, economic, and foreign policy reverberations. With little U.S. military resistance likely, Taiwan would be in immediate danger, and the heavy hand of Chinese influence would dominate Africa with its vital natural resources and spread everywhere, including the U.S.  

The U.S. would also lose its energy independence quickly with disastrous results to American jobs, American standards of living, and national security.

The great damage of open door immigration would not only make Democrat Party control permanent, but massive new immigration would also place huge fiscal burdens on American taxpayers at federal, state, and local levels and substantially suppress the wages and job opportunities of American workers. The woke corporate supporters of Democrat control would get plenty of cheap labor.

The Democrat expansion of the Supreme Court would soon end any hope for conservative causes, especially right to life. The free exercise of religion unacceptable to the Left would be in grave danger. The Constitution would become the latest whim of the courts and a stacked radical Democrat Congress.

Although taxes would certainly be higher, American government and vast restructuring of  American society and the economy by radical Democrats will be paid for  largely by fiat money, marching the country to hyper-inflation by printing or creating money whose value becomes daily more worthless.  Venezuela was once one of the richest countries in the world, and now it is one of the poorest.  During the German hyper-inflation of 1921 to 1924, an elderly person’s life savings could not buy them a loaf of bread. Trillions of dollars spent on the Green New Deal and vast spending to prevent highly questionable global warming and climate change, while opening our doors to anybody who wants free healthcare and endless lists of demands, is a giant step toward hyper-inflation and the moral and economic devastation that inevitably accompanies it. 

The greatest casualty of implementing the Democrat nightmare will be law and order. Riches, honor, power, and glory will go to the corrupt and lawless. Evil will be called good, and good evil. The treasured truths of history and culture will be wiped out and replaced by the ideology of ruthless totalitarians.  Ordinary citizens will have no genuine recourse to justice but will be subject to bullying, economic dispossession, and terror by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Muslim Brotherhood, and eventually by a new corps of corrupt law enforcement, judges, and military officers willing to replace duty, honor, and country with the new PC ideology.

Trump is not perfect, but by any just measure, he has been one of our greatest presidents in advancing prosperity and common sense Constitutional government, perhaps even the greatest. Some Republicans have faltered in loss of vision for the common good, and the Democrats were once a party that defended the Constitution and the rights of ordinary folks. But that Democratic Party is no more. It has become a corrupt, bullying, totalitarian nightmare, treasonous to traditional moral and political values and indifferent to the necessity of just law and order and the common good of ordinary folks. It has become the very enemy of civilization and the peaceful security of life, work, and family.

The contest in November is between saving American civilization with its traditional order of regulated freedom by voting Republican or destroying it by voting for the lawless and chaotic radicalism, hatred, and arrogant, self-righteous, bullying despotism that now characterizes the increasingly insane and morally depraved Democrat Party. 

The choice is stark, but many formidable obstacles to keeping our freedom still remain. This stark choice and its tremendous consequences must be made known to our neighbors, friends, and relatives. It will take much hard volunteer work and financial help from all levels to pull our country away from the edge of nightmare. Let’s not complacently sleepwalk over the edge.

“Blessed with victory and peace may the heaven’s rescued land praise the Power that made and preserved us a nation!...And this be our motto—‘In God is our trust,’ And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

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