The Unmaking of the American Republic

Gen. Mark A. Milley, Undermining America’s Shield-Wall
Gen. Mark A. Milley, Undermining
America’s Shield-Wall

On April 8, Republican Congressman Mike Waltz of Florida submitted a letter to the Superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Lt. General Daryl A. Williams, outlining and documenting his concern about the indoctrination of West Point cadets on Critical Race Theory (CRT).  Waltz is a VMI graduate and combat decorated former Green Beret. Although the Biden Administration, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the JCOS General Mark Milley, and other high ranking military officers are endorsing and strongly pushing CRT, it is Neo-Marxist ideology that is blatantly anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-capitalist, and anti-family and knows no truth or moral standard but power. It runs completely counter to American military traditions and American values of liberty and free speech. Anyone outside of a madhouse can see that it is totalitarian, divisive, hateful, and a danger to public order and safety. It is notable for its unforgiving cancel culture. It is certainly a demoralizing threat to an effective military and national security. It is as close to George Orwell’s 1984, and Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution as rational people can imagine.

Below are some notable excerpts from Congressman Waltz’s letter to General Williams:

“Information has recently come to my attention from unsettled soldiers, cadets, and families that raises serious concerns about the U.S. Army’s introduction of elements of critical race theory into cadet instruction…In February this year; I understand the U.S. Military Academy under your leadership required cadets to attend a mandatory seminar on “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” According to the schedule I received cadets MUST attend one of the seminars.”

“Equity” as defined by CRT is not the equal right to pursue the commiserate rewards of our work and investments in freedom and enjoy equal dignity and justice in a lawful society. It is a Communist promise of equal outcomes, in this case, based on race and gender and other political “victim” definitions.  The definitions of diversity and inclusiveness are deceiving and only applicable to those advancing Marxist agendas. Whites are forever unforgivable oppressors of permanently oppressed racial and gender minorities. Waltz continues:

“I was provided a presentation slide from one of the workshops with the title of ‘White Power at West Point’ and ‘Racist Dog Whistles at West Point.’ Additionally, another presentation slide shared with me depicted a lecture by Dr. Carol Anderson of Emory with the title ‘Understanding Whiteness and Rage.”

 [We must recall at a June 23 appearance at the House Armed Forces Committee, General Milley attributed “White Rage” as being the cause of the January 6 “assault” on the Capitol by “Trump supporters.”]

“Additionally, I understand that on September 24, 2020, the entire corps of cadets was required to report to Michie Stadium for your address as Superintendent and to hear from a cadet panel.  In this session, an active-duty female colonel described to the Corps how she became ‘woke’ to her white privilege and felt guilty for the advantages of her race. At this assembly, white police officers were described as murderers with no context or court documents provided to corroborate the anecdotes of police brutality. While this session may have been well intended to invoke awareness and understanding, I am hearing forcefully that this session and others like it are instead breeding insult and resentment.”

“These critical race theory teachings take aim at those key pillars [of freedom] and pit cadets against one another through divisive indoctrination under the pressure of ‘wokeism.’ There is no doubt our country has had to overcome atrocious racial bigotry. We have made enormous progress, and there is still much to be done in our country. But the United States military, uniquely in American society, must strive to unify. Unfortunately, those seminars imbue in our future military leaders that they should treat their fellow officers and soldiers differently based on race and on socio-economic background. In a combat environment, where every soldier must equally share the burden of danger, I cannot think of a notion more destructive to unit cohesion and morale.”

“Consequently, as a member of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee I am requesting that you provide the full presentation of these seminars, presentations, assemblies, and other related curricula to my office so that the Congress can execute its oversight of the U.S. Army and the U.S. Military Academy.”

Whereas the Military Academy has thus far failed to respond except for a verbal defense of CRT by General Milley to the House Armed Forces Committee, Judicial Watch has filed suit against the Department of Defense requesting copies of all materials, records, suggested reading, and contracts involving CRT indoctrination at West Point.  Fox News’ Tucker Carlson came down extremely hard on General Milley, but the Washington Post and the usual media suspects defended him as a brilliant and courageous general. Carlson, however, revealed some very distressing quotes from Milley, recently published in an anti-Trump book by leftist Washington Post authors Phillip Rucker and Carol Leoning, I Alone Can Fix It.   The authors are admirers of Milley but quoted him as calling the January 6 Trump political rally in Washington “a Reichstag moment” and “the gospel of the Fuhrer,” and comparing thousands of Trump supporters at the rally to Nazi Party paramilitary brown-shirts. Some Milley quotes Tucker interprets as dangerously close to advocating a military coup to get Trump out of office.

As to Miley’s endorsement of CRT for West Point and the entire U.S. Armed Forces, I personally believe one must be stark-raving-mad to think saying that all white people and the Constitution are incurably racist will not be destructively divisive in the Armed Forces.

Judicial Watch has also uncovered some 75 pages of Veterans Administration records entirely focused on racial inequities in addressing the healthcare of veterans. There are some genetic and cultural vulnerabilities to disease that differ by race, but Judicial Watch may be zeroing in on a CRT based ideological disparity of attention favoring minorities. That is not clear so far.

In June, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gilday told a U.S. Senate Committee that he recommended every sailor read How to Be an Anti-Racist by CRT activist Ibram X Kendi (Ibram Henry Rogers).   Gilday’s absurd statements reminded me of the 1975 movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks of Indiana gave him a scorching interview.

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton, a military veteran, has been the Senate Armed Forces chief critic of CRT indoctrination in the military. He recently criticized Air Force Academy teacher Lynne Chandler Garcia for her opinion editorial in the Washington Post defending CRT in the military. Cotton pointed out she apparently knew little of the U.S. Constitution. So far, 21 states have either banned or have bills likely to ban CRT.  The Texas Senate recently voted overwhelmingly to ban it. North Carolina Senate leader Phil Berger announced on July 15 that he will offer a bill to ban CRT. It is likely, however, that Democrat Governor Roy Cooper will be pushed by woke-dominant NC Democrats to veto any bill banning CRT.

Many believe that CRT is being used to purge the military of its traditional conservative leadership. U.S. Space Force Lt. Col Matthew Lohmeier was recently relieved of command of the 11th Space Warning Squadron.   He simply made the obvious connection between CRT and Marxist Plans to demolish U.S. military effectiveness.   He sums up the CRT Plan as “essentially making everything about race.”    Lohmeier’s recent book, Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest and the Unmaking of the American Military is particularly worth reading, because of his articulate comparison of the dark culture of Marxism and the Judeo-Christian based American culture of individual dignity, liberty and due process of law.

The American military has in the past valiantly guarded our liberty. Today we face increasingly formidable potential foes with global reach. Yet our greatest danger is internal:  Marxist ideology and its political and corporate coalitions.  CRT is terribly flawed theory, but it is a powerful tool and weapon for overthrowing American culture, government, and even the effectiveness of our Armed Forces.

In the time of Alfred the Great of England (849-899), it was said that the Anglo-Saxon shield-wall could not be breached by the Danes except by bribery or treason. We are facing the same threat today in the form of corrupt political and business briberies and the treasonous ideology of Marxist inspired subversion by CRT.  Unless the American people awaken to their extreme peril and join battle against CRT-enabling bribery and treason, our shield-wall, the U.S. Armed Forces, will be breached and the American Republic will be lost in all but name.

“Live not by lies.”—Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, 1974