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Friday, May 17, 2024 - 07:59 PM


First Published in 1994


Bill Gates Funds Tree burial Project to Save Mother Earth - AP Photo

Bill Gates wants to destroy 70 million acres of trees across the United States and bury the timber underground.

According to SlayNews, it’s part of the billionaire eugenist’s plans to save Mother Earth from climate change.

The project is a venture of Kodama Systems, a fledgling forest-management company that aims to thin overgrown forests and “utilize excess biomass at scale.”

Last December, several investors, including Bill Gates’ private investment firm, Breakthrough Energy, pumped $6.6 million dollars into the project.

Additionally, Kodama and its research partner, Yale University’s Carbon Containment Lab, received a $250,000 research grant from the financial services company Stripe, Inc. According to MIT Technology Review, they’re using those funds to support a pilot effort to bury the wood in the Nevada desert and “study how well it prevents the release of greenhouse gases that drive climate change.”

Joshua Philipp described the plans on his Crossroads program:

Scientists say “burying trees can reduce global warming as well.” I don’t know where they’re finding these scientists, by the way. To help address the problem, the U.S. Forest Services aims to thin out 70 million acres of Western forest, mostly in California over the next decade, extracting more than 1 billion tons of bone-dried biomass. Normally when you cut down trees, when you’re a lumberjack, when you have a lumber company, you’re selling the lumber to build houses, people buying from Home Depot or whatever. They’re arguing that they want to, rather than sell the timber, take all that wood and just bury it, because they’re saying that that is a better solution. And so, in other words, this is a business, because they’re getting money to create carbon offsets. And this is what Bill Gates is financing.

Companies like Breakthrough Energy and Stripe purchase these carbon offsets and — by their government-backed merits — claim to have achieved zero-carbon footprints, while their operations continue to produce as much carbon as ever.

But, you might be thinking, trees take carbon dioxide out of the air and produce oxygen. MIT answers that objection. “Trees are naturally efficient at sucking down vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the air, but they release the carbon again when they die and rot on the ground. Sequestering trees underground could prevent this.” It will also prevent them from being destroyed in controlled burns or wildfires, during which they release carbon.

The company plans to cover the buried trees with a liner that will prevent decomposition underground, thereby containing the carbon in the wood for “thousands of years,” according to Kodama executive Jimmy Voorhis.

None of that wood will be available for home construction, as Philipp pointed out. Revolver goes a step further in making this point:

Gates’ proposal to cut down and bury 70 million acres of trees aligns perfectly with the World Economic Forum’s vision: a future where people live in small pods and eat bugs while Gates and his ilk live high on the hog, enjoying everything the world has to offer.

It’s clear that both Americans and people worldwide are growing weary of this tech geek’s attempts to block the sun, genetically engineer mosquitoes, buy up farmland, control populations, vaccinate everything that moves, and now, eliminate forests by cutting down trees and burying them. Given Bill Gates’ questionable association with Jeffrey Epstein, perhaps it’s time for him to take his billions, retreat to an island somewhere, and let the rest of us live in peace.