Inflation was already at a 40-year high when gas prices skyrocketed to historic records. In this episode, Paul interviews Tom DeWeese, an expert on Agenda 2030 who wrote the book on and has spoken extensively about this diabolical plan. Tom explains how your pain at the pump and other energy-related woes are part of a nefarious plan for one-world totalitarian government. Tom also exposes the “climate crisis” fallacy and discusses how green energy schemes often cause more harm to the environment than they prevent. Tom concludes with what you can do to fight back against Agenda 2030 and preserve freedom and prosperity.

Resources & Action Items:
1.) Learn more about Tom DeWeese’s organization, the American Policy Center, click here.

2.) Check out the JBS Agenda 2030 action project, click here.

3.) Join the JBS and fight back against all one-world schemes, click here.

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