We find ourselves in a situation worse than we can remember. Perhaps others have been in similar situations, but never in recorded history has the entire world found itself so situated. All humanity now finds itself facing a deadly virus for which we are told there is no available cure. To protect ourselves we have had to enter a self-imposed quarantine which is shutting down our work-related financial system. If we work we might die — if we do not work we might starve! We are in that old “rock and hard-place” situation.

The Democrats are fighting the Republicans and the Republicans are fighting themselves and the World  is fighting President Trump. His selected experts are feeding him bad information and the Media is lying to everyone. We have taken steps that might destroy our nation to protect us from a disease we were told was far worse than it now appears to have been. We are looking to all political and scientific sources that might salvage our World. But most of us seem to have forgotten the greatest power we have is the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am reminded of Ephesians chapter 6 verse 12:  For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. I understand that calling on the Bible these days is frowned upon, especially in governmental dealings. But as a Christian is is my duty to reference the Bible and plot my course from its teachings to the best of my ability. The verse above tells me that my enemy is not flesh and blood; but the Principalities, the Powers and the World-Rulers of the Darkness of our times. Also I have those Spiritual Hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places fighting against me. This is a strong reminder that our battles are not just with the human elements facing us but with spiritual elements we may not be wary of. The war we are in is the spiritual war that has been raging since Satan tempted Adam in the Garden of Eden.

If you are a non-Christian reading this you will never understand what I am writing, and many Christians have varying ideas about my topic. Scripture tells us that we all became sinners when Adam bit that apple and that our sinful natures generally control us. They also tell us that God made a provision to make our spiritual life come alive again by accepting His Son’s death on a cross as payment for any and all our sins. Once you do that His Holy Spirit indwells you and helps you understand what you read in those scriptures. If you study them properly you will understand that while we live in the physical world we also have a spiritual life that will continue when we dieYou may further understand that unseen spiritual beings, godly and demonic, exist on Earth. Sometimes one may reveal himself as a friendly helper to get you out of a jam — sort of a guardian angel. Sometimes a demonic angel may urge you one-way-or-another to engage in some, what we might call dark dealings. They could even be legal under man’s law — but godless under God’s law. Any and all of these things are happening, and nothing happens that God does not know about. Whether He had anything to do with the coronavirus outbreak we cannot know, but He knew it was coming and did not stop it. I’m sure some Christians think this may have been God’s way of removing His protective arm from a nation or a world that turned away from Him to worship other gods. Did I make a god out of America and the comfortable life it gave me? Did I put my faith in money or my own abilities instead of God?  We don’t carve wooden objects or golden ornaments to worship as pagans did, but it’s pretty easy to put self on a throne.

I recall a song from back in the eighties that began something like this: “One day at a time, sweet Jesus, One day at a time…” That’s how we are trying to get through this crisis… A lot of prayers and trusting our Lord Jesus one day at a time.


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Perspective is everything.

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