• Man’s wisdom leads to destruction and death
  • The Word of God provides divine wisdom and leads to life and Joy.
  • The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.

These are facts our children seem never to have learned.

There was a time we taught our children simple rules they could follow,

Rules that taught them wisdom to find their way from Satan’s hollow,

To paths of health and happiness, paths that lead to love;

Through many trials and tribulations to blessed Grace from God above.

Somehow we drifted, failed our progeny, let them wander and go astray,

Gave them everything they wanted, then watched them drift and fade away.

We listened not to our LORD and Savior who told us to guide them well,

Don’t let them take that wide road that leads to luxury… but then to Hell.

We just shrugged and let it go when prayer was taken out of school.

We failed then to understand; education was their major tool

To brainwash and retrain the young, show them the error of our ways,

And start them down paths that take them through an evil crooked maze.

Can we salvage those we’ve lost? Can we bring them home again?

Prayer may be our only hope, and it’s there we must begin.

In thinking of the educational route for others within our care

Be extra cautious, work and avoid Satan’s educational snare.

The shame is ours: we watched schools built to teach the Gospel truth

Morph into factories where humanistic minions indoctrinate our youth.

Satanic lies are daily touted, and students who refuse to believe

Are ridiculed and disciplined, told a diploma they cannot receive.

The Humanist Manifesto defines the rules the schools obey.

And in these hallowed halls we find no room for God today.

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