There seems to be a great tendency among conservatives to blame our current state of affairs on President Obama.  While I agree that Obama has done much to weaken our nation financially and militarily since taking office, has vastly increased the powers of the Executive Branch of government, and that his goal is the destruction of our Democratic Republic and its replacement with a socialist form of Dictatorship or Oligarchy, I cannot hold him totally responsible for where we find ourselves. I must place a considerable share of the blame upon myself and my fellow Christians.  It is we who have failed to hold our government accountable for its actions and have allowed it to move away from the doctrines upon which it was founded.

We have watched and grumbled as those in power have assumed more power and perverted the interpretation of the Constitution they were sworn to uphold, to defend and protect from all sources both foreign and domestic.  As long as we found our personal lives continuing in reasonable comfort and prosperity we passively agreed to the direction our government was taking us, even when we knew we were moving contrary to our best interest.  I suppose prosperity is the most difficult temptation for any nation to weather.  Now, finally, as we look to a future that might hold less freedom, less opportunity and far less prosperity we are beginning to wake up to the fact that we have been asleep at the wheel...for a very long time.  We are realizing, perhaps too late, that it can happen, is happening HERE.

I do not know how much truth is in the statement that half of the Christians do not even bother to vote.  I’m sure there is some truth there but it probably fluctuates from election to election, and while I think most Christians would likely vote against Obama some would vote for him because they still do not understand his true position or maybe even believe there is Christianity in socialism.  I pray that before this next election the truth will be understood... that his reelection would very likely be the end of the America we have known, the America that has given the world the greatest freedoms, the greatest prosperity and the greatest opportunity for individuals to reach their potential ever enjoyed by any nation.

When we relaxed and let godless men make laws to justify killing the unborn, removing God from schools and other public places, justifying and legitimizing behavior that God calls an abomination, we let our national government, that which had been founded on the Holy Scriptures, move away from those standards toward a secularism that is at total odds with God and His Word.  He tells us that we cannot serve two masters, but for the last hundred years we have been trying to do just that.  Mammon (secularist government) appears to be winning.

Unless God’s people repent and return to being salt and light in a world that is growing darker each day His wrath cannot be withheld much longer.  America, that great experiment in “We the People” government, will sink into the muck that has claimed so many before us.  As we have seen time and time again from the history of Israel, God does not withhold His wrath when His people refuse to hear His Word.  Nor does He fail to bless those who follow His leadership.

Just one other way our current President is leading us down a road to disaster: we, who have been the great friend to Israel and have enjoyed blessings as a result are through him now telling Israel we are no longer their great friend but are turning more and more toward nations which are their enemies.  God is very succinct and minces no words when he tells us: “I will bless them that bless thee, and him that curseth thee will I curse:” (Gen 12:3 ASV)

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