"No one can serve two masters.  Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.  You cannot serve both God and money.”  Luke 16:13.

Teddy was correct - In the US, we have room for but one flag, one language, and one loyalty to the American People!
Teddy was correct - In the US, we have room for but one flag, one language, and one loyalty to the American People!

Back in the “ancient times”, in February of 2001, I wrote an article for the print version of The Times Examiner titled: “The Growing Curse of Hyphenated Americans.”  I felt strongly about this problem of “divided loyalty” among Americans then, and I haven’t changed my opinion one bit since.  If anything, I’m more disturbed over the “curse” of hyphenated Americans today than I was then, when it was an irritating problem, rather than the impending catastrophe it has become.  If you are blind to this potential nation-shattering problem, you really need to read this article carefully.  If you revel in being a “hyphenated” American and/or you express divided loyalties to some other nation, you need to reconsider the error of your ways!

Many writers over the past few years, including myself, have written about the problem of the potential “balkanization”(small ‘b’) of our country.  That concept, according to Wikipedia, is a geopolitical term used to describe the process of fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or uncooperative with one another.  Balkanization is a result of foreign (or also deliberate domestic) policies creating geopolitical fragmentation, as has happened in its namesake “Balkan Region” under the Ottoman Turk Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.”  The “balkanization” of that part of Europe began in the late 1800’s, this process swiftly began in the early 20th century and continued into the post WW11 era, and more-or-less ceased for a time by 2008.

The problem has been magnified here in the U.S. in recent years, and now we constantly hear talk of “African-Americans”, “Irish-Americans”, “Native-Americans”, “Mexican-Americans”, etc., etc., ad nauseam.   I’m prompted to ask, as President Teddy Roosevelt once did, what happened to just plain Americans that we once all considered ourselves to be—those of us who honored the cultures that produced us, but more importantly, shared in the common traditions and culture of “America”?   In the not very distant past,  those of us who came here from other lands wanted to become “just plain Americans” because there used to be a tradition of immigrants assimilating themselves into our American culture as quickly as possible, making every effort to learn the English language, familiarize themselves with honored American traditions and learn the basics of American history. Over the long story of America we always admitted that we were never without problems and error, but we were always confident that ours was the culture that overcame all of the old world hatreds and feuds that soaked the soil of Europe and Asia with blood for hundreds of years.  We wanted the newcomers to our nation to believe that, and for a long time most of them did, because they came to our shores LEGALLY and were honored to do so.   Today, however, it’s not clear whether a majority of Americans  accept what our ancestors believed about how to build a strong, cohesive nation.  The enemies of freedom, especially “our” various American governments under despicable and anti-Constitution presidents, have been very successful in injecting their poison into our body politic!

There is a great saying in Spanish:  “Mis raices estan aqui”—My roots are buried here.  Once upon a time all Americans could admit that, but today I don’t think that sentiment holds true for all who inhabit this increasingly diverse and “re-tribalizing”  country.  One of my treasured possessions is a vinyl recording made by the late, great actor and patriot, John Wayne, back in 1973.  It’s called, America, Why I Love Her.”  One track is a poem he read, written by John Mitchum and Howard Barnes, entitled, “The Hyphen”.  Let me share it with you:

“The hyphen, Webster’s dictionary defines, is a symbol used to divide a compound word or a single word.  So it seems to me that when a man calls himself an Afro-American, a Mexican-American, Italian-American, an Irish-American, Jewish-American, what he’s saying is ‘I’m a divided American.

“Well, we all came from other places, different creeds and different races, to form a nation—to become as one.  Yet, look at the harm a line has done.  A simple little line and yet, as divisive as a line can get.  A crooked cross the Nazis flew, and Russian hammer and sickle too.  Time bombs in the lives of man.  But, none of these could ever fan the flames of hatred faster than---the hyphen.

“The Russian hammer built a wall that locks men’s hearts from freedom’s call.  A crooked cross flew overhead above twenty million

tragic dead.  Among them men from this great nation, who died for freedom’s preservation.  A hyphen is a line that’s small—it can be a bridge or be a wall.  A bridge can save you lots of time—a wall you always have to climb.  The road to liberty lies true.  The hyphen’s use is up to you.

“Used as a bridge, it can span all the differences of man.  Being free in mind and soul should be our most important goal.  If you use the hyphen as a wall, you’ll make your life mean and small.  An American is a special breed, whose people came to her in need.  They came to her that they might find a world where they’d have peace of mind, where men are equal—and something more—stand taller than they stood before.

“So you be wise in your decision, and that little line won’t cause division.  Let’s join hands with one another—for in this land, each man’s your brother.  United we stand, divided we fall.  We’re Americans—and that says it all.”

The “retribalization” of the U.S. is a very important issue for me, and I suspect that many Americans agree.  I recently discovered a web site called, Unhyphenated America that was started in 2014 by a black patriot named Christopher Harris.  I’ve seen him on Tucker Carlson’s show on FNC and on the great Wall Builders site.  Here is a quote from Harris’ site:  “For an American citizen to vote as a German-American, an Irish-American, or an English-American, is to be a traitor to American institutions; and those hyphenated Americans who terrorize American politicians by threats of the foreign vote are engaged in treason to the American Republic.” 

Those are strong words, but I agree with those sentiments.  Harris continues on his home page:  “Leftist politicians spend billions…trying to divide us, put us in boxes, then dare us to try to escape.  They continually pull at the mosaic that has made America exceptional…. CULTURAL COHESION and connectedness are more important than

having a “diversity” of skin color (or ethnicities).   Anyone can choose to be a part of this culture, because the principles aren’t ethnically exclusive.  We don’t believe in hyphenations, or anything that attempts to DIVIDE Americans along artificial lines.”

In 2022’s America, those of us who believe in American exceptionalism are mocked and ridiculed by the lying and treacherous and violent leftist progressives (socialists, Marxists, globalists), both in and out of government—especially, it seems, by those “Deep State” collectivists and globalists who have pretty much taken over the control of “our” government.  For example, those of us who demand that ALL immigration into the U.S. be LEGAL, SELECTIVE,  and RESTRICTIVE are attacked as “heartless” and “racist” and as “low lifes” determined to separate the illegal invading trash from the rest of the cesspool world from their relatives who may already have entered our nation legally or otherwise.  Well, excuse me, you brain damaged moonbats, but I, for one, insist that U.S. LAWS regarding immigration must be rigidly enforced.  Too bad that the Marxist/collectivist America haters who have infested the Biden Administration don’t agree with that common sense solution to the extremely serious problem of our totally open Southern border.  (But, of course, informed people know that Comrade Biden and his fellow radicals don’t really want our Southern border to be seriously controlled, as it was during the administration of President Trump.) To constantly ignore the future effects that hordes of illegal and unwanted invaders will pose is to condemn future Americans (if they still call themselves by that appellation) to a life of increasing TRIBALISM and conflict and poverty where native-born Americans  are a small minority in the nation that their ancestors built.

Ex-President Teddy Roosevelt said it best back in 1919, shortly before his death.  Whatever else Teddy was or was not, he surely believed in the concept of “America for those who consider themselves to be only Americans”.  Here are some of his last public words:

“In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.

“BUT this is predicated  upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American.  There can be no divided allegiance here.  Any man who says he is an American, but something

else also, ISN’T an American at all.  We have room for but ONE flag, the American Flag, and this excludes the red flag (communist), which

symbolizes wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile.  We have room for but ONE language here, and that is the English language, and we have room for but ONE sole loyalty, and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

If  “TR” was alive today, I know that he’d be totally shocked, but even worse, he’d be totally disappointed in what we who call ourselves Americans have let happen to his country.  And he would be totally justified in his shock and disappointment.  I can see him now, charging up the steps of the Capitol Building, sword in hand, ready to throw out the anti-Americans who don’t believe in our common culture and our common language, and who believe the LIE that “diversity is strength” (IT IS NOT—IT’S A SYMPTOM OF A DYING CULTURE!) .  I know it’s only a dream, but I’ll bet that lots of other Americans share it.