“O, America you’re calling, I can hear you calling me: You are calling me to be true to thee—true to thee I will be.

O, America you’re weeping, Let me heal your wounded heart.  I will keep you in my keeping, ‘til there be a new start.

And I will answer you, and I will take your hand, And lead you to the sun; And I will stand by you, do all that I can do, And we will be as one.

O, America I hear you, From your prairies to the sea; From your mountains grand, and all through this land, You are beautiful to me.

And, O, America you’re calling.  I can hear you calling me; You are calling me to be true to thee, true to thee I will be.

And I will answer you, and I will take your hand, And lead you to the sun; And I will stand by you, do all that I can do, And we will be as one.

O, America you’re calling…… I will ever answer thee.”

This beautiful song, with words by Brendan Graham and glorious music by William Joseph, was written in 2008 exclusively for that absolutely wonderful Irish singing group called Celtic Woman as they prepared the music for their fourth fabulous DVD at Powerscourt House and Gardens in Ireland in 2009, in advance of their 2010 tour of the U.S.  

My wife and I have heard Celtic Woman sing this special song live on two different occasions, and both times it brought tears to our eyes and, I assure you, to the eyes of many in the audience.  (In your browser, log onto ‘Celtic Woman Song: Oh, America” on UTube, and click on that title when it comes up---I assure you you’ll be as emotionally touched as I was.)

Irish Singing Group
Irish Singing Group "Celtic Woman," ca. 2011. Left to right: Mairead Nesbitt, Lisa Lambe, Lisa Kelly and Chloe Agnew.

Isn’t it ironic that a group of young and very talented  Irish women---the actual numbers vary each tour from 3 to 5 singers along with a “fiddler”, a fabulously talented (but now retired from the group) young Irish woman playing a violin made in 1710---could evoke such reactions from an old American who sometimes doubts whether many of his fellow countrymen really care any longer about what is happening to the U.S., despite the attempts by our embattled and maligned president, Donald Trump, to turn our “ship of state” away from the “iceberg of calamity” that appears to be directly in our path, ostensibly put there in part by the disciples of perfidy and mendacity that I now refer to as “The Klan of New Bolsheviks” (formerly Democrats), but in actuality by the long-established deviousness of the subversive globalists ofThe New World Order”  (the REAL power behind the socialist, anti-American Democrat Party AND the devious and compromising NeoCon Republican Party)  who know no allegiance except to the treasonous Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) to which MANY of them belong, and to their own unbridled lust for total power and control over all people and countries generally, and the U.S. specifically? 

Perhaps some of the readers of this cyber journal of truth will disagree with my concerns, but as I have observed over my many years, far too many of those who have the most to lose if our embattled liberties vanish from this land seem to have a casual “ho-hum” attitude that “it can’t happen here”.  I hate to shock you, but it CAN happen here, for there are now and have been for decades—even CENTURIES—powerful and wealthy people whose main goal in life is the destruction of the Constitutional Republic of our Founders and the total destruction of Christianity!  The liberties codified in our venerable Constitution—particularly our historic and traditional religious liberties---CAN disappear over a short period of time, and probably will, if Americans let  it happen by their unconcern and timidity—by their uninformed condemnations of the “messenger”—the “watchman on the wall””-- who brings warnings of impending disaster.

Patriotism—sacrifice—honor—Constitution—rights---freedoms—faith--responsibilities—do these words hold real meaning for Americans of our day?  Once upon a time there were men of true honor guiding our destiny.  They weren’t perfect men, for there are no perfect people—they weren’t without their flaws and “feet of clay”—they were as fearful and uncertain of their futures as the rest of their countrymen and women—but most of them were real Christians who knew Jesus the Messiah as their LORD and Savior.  They, like all of their fellow Englishmen, submitted to the “long train of abuses and usurpations” perpetrated upon them by their own central government in London as long as they could endure them.  But the time eventually came when they could submit no longer, and they DECLARED:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,…Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.  That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Once upon a time, virtually all Americans learned these words—lived by them—and passed them on to their children.  Today, however, these simple but world-changing truths are slowly fading from the minds of Americans just as surely as they are fading from the page of the parchment upon which they were originally written. Writers over the centuries—myself included—have reminded their readers that ‘freedom is fragile’. So it is.  In the long course of human events true freedom has been among the most rare of commodities, easily eroded and destroyed if casually treated.  The men and women who began this “adventure” in self-government back in 1775 (and even earlier, back in 1620 and 1607) paid a very high price for their, and our, liberties. As President John Quincy Adams poignantly reminded his future countrymen:  “You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom.  I hope you will make good use of it.”  Have we?  I increasingly have my doubts.

Despite the nobleness of the original intent of our Founders, the                                               history of the central (Federal) government of the U.S. is dismal—a long story of repeated injuries to those who not unreasonably trusted their elected representatives—a long litany of purposeful usurpations and abuses of the authority that was ORIGINALLY GRANTED ONLY TO OUR STATES—all of which had as their objective (either directly or indirectly) the establishment of an absolute central domination (some would call it tyranny) over the many states, and the American people.  Here are a few of these abuses:

  • The central government, since 1945, has essentially been surreptitiously ceding the sovereignty of the U.S. and its ONLY authority—our U.S. Constitution—to a godless and corrupt and Marxist dominated “world authority” known as The United Nations Organization, whose legal doctrines as specified in its Charter run COUNTER to those codified in our S. Constitution, and this has been done, de facto, by pseudo-Americans whose loyalties were not then, nor are they today, to our Constitutional Republican government;
  • The central government has unlawfully usurped authority NOT ORIGINALLY GRANTED TO IT by the Constitution to engage in vast spending schemes, deficit spending, and ruinous taxation for the purpose of expanding its size and scope, thereby increasing its power over and control of the American people, beginning even in the years prior to our “Un-Civil War” and particularly AFTER that purposely induced time of violence, hatred, and insanity;
  • Many officials of the central government, at least from the time of the corrupt Andrew Jackson to the time of the tyrant, Abraham Lincoln, up to at least some of our present central government authorities, have violated their oaths to ‘preserve, protect, and defend’ our Constitution;
  • The central government, with the adoption of the sinister Federal Reserve Banking system AND the personal income tax back in 1913-- BOTH of which were long time MARXIST, i.e. COMMUNIST GOALS derived directly from The Communist Manifesto-- and thereafter by the adoption of unbacked “fiat” money (paper unbacked by precious metals), has continually devalued the currency of the U.S., thereby utilizing the “hidden tax” of currency inflation to destroy the true purchasing power of the American people and their institutions and businesses;
  • The central government stealthily convinced the people of the States, via the Constitutional Amendment process, and encouraged by the proponents of ever larger and more powerful centralized government, to adopt the 17th Amendment in 1913 that allowed, in DIRECT CONTRAVENTION of the mandate of our Founders, the direct election of U.S. Senators by the people of each state, rather than by THE LEGISLATORS of each state’s government (as our Founders intended), thus further eroding the concept of “Federalism” or “state sovereignty”—i.e. power shared by the weaker central AND the more powerful state governments-- because our Founders wanted the Senate to be our States’ representative in the central government, wisdom which has now been abrogated by this ill-conceived 17th

This list could go on.  Undoubtedly some who read these words haven’t a clue as to why I am accusing “our” American government of even WORSE abuses than the ones that precipitated the First American Revolution back in 1775.  As the central government has grown ever larger, beginning in 1861 with the deliberately planned atrocity purposely misnamed (by the winning side) “The Civil War”, our citizens and their various political and cultural organizations have constantly petitioned our elected representatives and senators for a redress of its unconstitutional outrages in all lawful ways.  Repeated petitions to the central authorities over the years have been mostly ignored, ridiculed, or attacked, as for example, when the representatives of the central government (mostly, but not exclusively,  during the Marxist Obama Administration) vilified, spied upon, and illegally harassed via IRS “audits” and refusals to grant tax exemptions to  the new pro-liberty groups known as The Tea Party Movement,  its related organizations, and many other patriot groups, especially as we now know, President Trump’s campaign committee and certain members of his administration.  As our Founders warned us, a so-called representative government whose character is marked by every act that traditionally has defined tyranny is UNFIT to be the ruling entity of a free people.  Quite disturbingly, we are seeing the same form of incipient and UNCONSTITUTIONAL TYRANNY being attempted by mostly “blue state” governors and mayors during the Covid-19 pandemic which we are experiencing.   (Were you aware that in Washington State, the Governor’s gang of “health care goons” are threatening to forcibly, if necessary, ‘round up’ all who refuse to submit to “voluntary quarantines” and take them to INVOLUNTARY internment camps—for how long no one knows)?  Were you?

A significant portion of our American people are convinced that “our” government no longer responds to their concerns and no longer seems willing to reform itself (despite President Trump’s only partly effective efforts to “drain the swamp”) and follow the rules set forth for our Constitutional Republican form of government, as laid down by our Founders.  Another significant part of our electorate hasn’t a clue as to the threats to our liberties that are staring all of us directly in our faces.  But a “significant” part of our citizens still are concerned enough to try to stem the tide of freedom’s slow death, and try to do all they can to prevent it.  With those patriots, and those they can influence, in mind, let me urge all of you who read these words, to do the following if you value the freedom you still have:

1) CONSTANTLY remind our elected local, State, and Federal representatives, including our President, that ALL rights listed in our Bill of Rights, and other Constitutional rights as well, ARE IMMUTABLE and thus can’t be superseded by any legislation, because “rights” that can be taken away or curtailed are not rights as originally derived from God, as our Founders believed, but are merely “privileges” granted by government and, as such, subject to the arbitrary whims of that government—i.e. what the government grants, that same government can later take away.

2) Write to our elected Congress people and DEMAND that they begin to again exercise their Constitutional authority over an out of control Federal judiciary who now seem determined to be the MOST powerful of the three branches of government, rather than the LEAST powerful as ordained by our Founders, and take away their self-granted authority to make our laws, rather than interpret the laws made by Congress and signed into  law by our President.

3)  For those who are Christians, read, and reread, 2nd Chronicles 7:14, for it seems to me that this portion of God’s Word contains the ONLY true formula that He will honor if Christians and patriots are to save our country.  Assuming that enough of us even care to do so (which I sometimes doubt), let US humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s face, AND turn from OUR wicked ways.  Not the enemies of freedom---US!

4)  Consider joining with the millions of American patriots who have determined to first, educate themselves and second, educate others around them (family, friends, co-workers, etc.) and persuade them to join with those who are standing up for traditional American values and freedoms—people of good will and patriotism who refuse to be intimidated, who refuse to relinquish the heritage sent to us by our Founders without a DETERMINED FIGHT:  Organizations like The John Birch Society (supported financially by President Trump’s late father, who was a friend of Robert Welch), The National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, Judicial Watch, Act For America, Alliance Defense Fund, Conservative Business Journal, and other local and national TRUE patriotic and educational groups that are resisting the rapidly encroaching collectivist monster, rather than merely meeting, eating, and retreating as so many do!

Failure to follow this ‘formula’ for national salvation (and perhaps our own survival) will sooner or later lead to only one outcome:  The dissolution of our Union and the probable destruction of our Constitutional liberties.  Trusting only in traditional politicians or political parties, most of which have DELIBERATELY CAUSED our problems over time, will only assure the complete destruction of our freedoms and the certain end of the Republic, with all of the attending chaos and tyranny that would surely come  upon us.  Turning a blind eye, as so many of God’s people do these days—not wanting to involve ourselves in the affairs of the world (and the probable futures of our descendants) because we are only  “pilgrims” passing through this brief life—will assure a future where liberty as we have known it no longer exists.  Surely that is NOT what the vast majority of Americans want for our descendants, nor was it a future envisioned by our Founding Generation, many of whom sacrificed EVERYTHING they had to bequeath the blessings of their dreams of freedom under constitutional law to the future—TO US!

Incredibly, some “Sunshine Saints” and “Summer Believers” will continue to resort to their longed-for “imminent Rapture” (a false Biblical interpretation in my opinion) as an excuse to keep their heads buried in their “I’ll have to pray about it” sand, thereby probably condemning all of our descendants to a future of unimaginable brutality.  And please don’t “assure” me that this could never happen in the U.S., because it HAS HAPPENED countless times in so-called “civilized countries” throughout the world in the past century, even supposedly “Christian” countries, and the brutalized victims of those perpetrators of forced collectivism are, and forever will be, crying out to those of us who still enjoy a modicum of constitutional freedom to not let the human tragedies of their horrible deaths and shortened lives be OUR final “testament” to failed freedom!

As I quoted from the song at the beginning of this article, our America is calling US to rescue her from the treacherous claws of the enemies of liberty that are determined to destroy her, who have been engaged in a CONSPIRACY to do so since the administrations of two American patriots, George Washington and John Adams, and lead her back into the “sun” of freedom that our Heavenly Father, through our Founders, meant for us to enjoy.  For any American to deny that our nation and its historic freedoms—and particularly its concepts of limited government and the rule of constitutional law-- are being increasingly threatened by power-mad demagogues of vast wealth and unbridled deceit, whose allegiances are NOT to the historic American concept of constitutional liberty under law, is to be guilty of deliberate self-deception!

To those who fear to stand against the incipient destruction of our freedoms by the adherents of a far leftwing “paradise” (are you listening, Communist Bernie Sanders and the rest of you disgusting “Klan of New Bolsheviks” and socialism-loving collectivists?),  and to those who are awaiting a “Heavenly” rescue into “the sweet bye and bye” from “the nasty now and now”, I leave you with a well-established “history lesson”, and the old and anonymous words of wisdom—and WARNING---that come with it:

No man escapes when freedom fails.

The best men rot in filthy jails!

And those who cried, “appease, appease”,

Are hanged by those they tried to please!

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