While Americans Slept
While Americans Slept

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

ISAIAH 5:20  New International Version Bible

That’s perhaps the most pertinent question facing us today, isn’t it?  A recent article in The New American Magazine, published on March 8, 2021 featuring the insights of C. Mitchel Shaw, titled The Great Awakening, prompted me to reflect on whether or not Americans are truly “awakening” to the dangers posed to their freedom under our increasingly disregarded 1787 Constitution, or are so “woke” by the lies of the main stream media and their almost cult-like and slavish adherence to the babblings of the “gods” of the despicable social media—the collectivist churls who are determined to tell Americans, especially our younger citizens, WHAT to think, WHAT to dislike, and WHO to permit to exercise the increasingly nebulous concept of “free speech”, that they are essentially almost useless in the fight for freedom’s preservation.  

Let’s share some thoughts, as I quote freely from that New American magazine article mentioned above.  (The New American magazine, the most informative, accurate, and hard-hitting in the nation, is published twice monthly by American Opinion Publishing, Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of The John Birch Society, for 63 years our nation’s premier expounder of political and cultural truth).

To begin: “Who’da ‘thunk it’”, as the saying goes, that not quite two years ago, at the beginning of the year 2020 we Americans would be facing deliberately imposed calamities, courtesy of “our” government’s financial support of sinister and extremely dangerous experiments with “bat viruses” in the heart of our Chinese communist enemies (in Wuhan, China) that were being weaponized to use against US, and were partly financed by “our” government.  As Mitchell Shaw wrote:

  • Millions of us would be coerced, or forced, to stay in our homes most of the day as a precautionary “quarantine”, even though most of us were NOT sick;
  • Millions of us would lose our jobs, courtesy of various “mandates” issued, mostly illegally, by various governmental agencies;
  • Hundreds of thousands of American medium to small businesses, the lifeblood of our economy, would be forced to close down, never to reopen;
  • It would be forbidden, under pain of arrest, to attend church services;
  • Funerals and weddings would either be forbidden by government “edict” or severely limited in numbers allowed to attend;
  • That we would only be able to “see” our doctors via ‘telemedicine’, and not the tried and true face-to-face, hands on practice of medicine;
  • That our schools and colleges would be closed to in-person attendance and limited only to ‘internet’ classroom teaching;
  • That Americans could not go out in public or into most stores and businesses (those still in operation) without wearing a mostly USELESS facemask, or “face diaper” as some wags describe it.

In addition to the above attacks on the liberties of Americans, who of us could have conceived in our wildest imaginations that violent leftist/communist groups—acting under the control and approval of the Klan of New Bolsheviks (the Dumbocrat  Party)—groups such as the verminous and communist Black Lives Matter fellow travelers, the anarchist/communist violent scum from AntiFa, and their rabid supporters, would be allowed—even ENCOURAGED—to rampage through 200 or so American cities, all the while receiving support and praise from the communist/progressive ‘main stream’ media AND from many high-ranking Dumbocrats who are currently steering our ship of state toward the rocks of perdition?

Who of us could have imagined that the election of 2020 would be so patently DISHONEST and RIGGED against our incumbent presidentWho would have believed that so many of our Dumbocrat controlled states would illegally change their voting laws just before the election, rigging them to favor the Marxist/socialist/anti-Constitution candidate, Comrade Joe Biden?  And what true American would ever have believed (well, at least before we realized the motives of the anti-Americans who run and control the ‘social(ist) media’ that so many are addicted to), that our own admired and much maligned and attacked POTUS, Donald Trump, would be purged from the social(ist) media platforms that he had been using so effectively, and that he would be impeached twice by the leftist/collectivist/communist scumbags who pretty much control “our” federal government? 

But, sad to say, ALL of these anti-freedom, pro-Marxist/pro-communist attacks on the constitutional  freedoms of Americans  did occur.  However, these attacks by the enemies of freedom—by the shills for socialism—by the marauders of Marxism who have ensconced themselves not only in “our” government but also in basically all of  the important institutions of the nation, did happen.  The good news is that vast numbers of our fellow Americans have awakened to the realization that what they perceived as a ‘nightmare’ is real, and that without their concerns, their dedication, their money, and their resolve, their peaceful dreams that “everything is going to be fine” will descend into a permanent nightmare, and the well-along-the-road hijacking of our nation will continue until we have no free nation left.

All thinking Americans, and especially American patriots, surely must realize in their very innermost beings that our freedoms that were once guaranteed by our venerable U.S. Constitution are under serious and relentless attack by the leftist/collectivist enemies who have been warring against our Republic since the founding of the Satanic Order of the Illuminati in 1776, and reinforced in its hatred of Christianity and Americanist liberty by Satan’s devoted servant, Karl Marx, in his 1848 ‘Communist Manifesto’, and by hordes of devilish “imps” who joined with these collectivist curs soon after the conclusion of the Marxist-inspired “War Between the States”.  Mitchel Shaw, in the New American magazine article mentioned above, said something that bears repeating: 

Since only love for America and her freedom will drive men and women to work courageously and tirelessly to preserve and restore liberty, we must love America and paint such a beautiful image of her that others fall in love with her as well.  Robert Welch—the founder of the John Birch Society—once wrote that the only way to succeed in the struggle for liberty is for ‘both leadership and (members) to have a positive dream which is more important as a hope than the negative nightmare is as a fear.’   (Mr. Welch) went on to say that the struggle for freedom cannot succeed ‘unless the promise of what we can build supplies more motivation that the terror of what we must destroy; and unless this faith in the future is based on a deeper faith in eternal truths’.”

Are YOU shocked that our nation has sunk to such anti-constitutional, anti-freedom depths in a relatively short time?  I’m more than a little surprised that our enemies have now come right out into the open and boldly  proclaimed their intentions to “fundamentally transform America” into a far left wing, socialist tyranny, where only the slavish “woke” crowd who kiss the butts of the Dumbocrat Party will enjoy any degree of “freedom”, to be defined by them, of course.  But in truth the groundwork behind all of our recent societal changes was laid decades, even centuries, ago as educated Americans know.  Sad to say, those Americans who didn’t foresee the present terrible state of affairs, as Mitchell Shaw noted, “have little knowledge about how to fight back effectively.” 

But fight back we must, not only for our own freedom but also for our posterity.  Mr. Shaw outlines the steps that recently “awakening” Americans (NOT “WOKE” people) must follow if we have any chance of overcoming the collectivist devils who are trying to enslave us.  Here are his steps: 

  • One must become politically ‘awake’; e. educate one’s self.
  • One must become aware as to the depths to which the enemies of freedom have stooped to destroy both America and the ideas of liberty on which she was founded, because if allowed to continue unabated, the actions of America’s enemies will accomplish the goals for which they are intended: …THE UTTER AND COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE AND THE UTTER AND COMPLETE LOSS OF FREEDOM FOR AMERICANS. (Emphasis mine—whl);
  • All patriots much FIGHT BACK!

If you are a normal, red-blooded “patriot” of the ‘revolutionary stripe’, you are one of the long, blood-soaked, beaten, brutalized, terrified, angry and victorious line of American men and women who have stood up against tyranny every since the first ones did so on that hallowed village green in Lexington, Massachusetts, whereupon eight of them laid down their lives that April morning in 1775, showing their descendants—including US—that fear is useless, and only boldness works in the long run.  True Americans have an innate desire to live as free men and women—they REFUSE to ever become slaves to any man, and especially to any government!  All of us know the tales of RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY that have characterized Americans ever since 1775 (and even before that).  Our American desire—our reason for being Americans—is for LIBERTY, and that desire is (or should be) so strong among all of our people that we will fight, in any manner required of us, to stay free, even if it means risking or sacrificing our own lives, as so many Americans over the centuries have done.

Mitchell Shaw writes:  “…(I)f patriotic Americans take moral, legal, reasonable actions, geared toward success, there is indeed genuine hope.  The good news is that the enemies of freedom have—by accelerating their plans too quickly—awakened a sleeping giant (and as those enemies of freedom continue to press forward, many more Americans will continue to awaken), and that there is an organization with both the experience and a proven track record of exposing and fighting against the plans of freedom’s enemies.  That organization is The John Birch Society.”  And the John Birch Society, to which my wife and I have belonged for 58 years, is our nation’s premiere (not the only one, but the most effective) pro-liberty, anti-collectivist, pro-U.S. Constitution organization in the U.S. at this present time. 

Please don’t misunderstand me:  I respect, honor, and support several of the many fine patriotic, pro-liberty, pro-American organizations that are battling by the sides of their fellow patriots to educate and motivate themselves, educate others, and RESIST the attacks that the devils of deviousness, the barbarians of collectivism that are running rampant throughout our world today, are launching against us.  It goes without saying that all patriots who love what our America originally stood for (and with our efforts and God’s blessing and direction may once again stand for) should stand side by side with arms locked together in the firm determination that we WILL emerge victorious in our mutual struggle to regain constitutional liberty as it was envisioned for us by our Founders. (And we must NEVER treat our fellow patriots who belong to some other pro-freedom organization as though they were our adversaries rather than our comrades-in-arms fighting for a common purpose).   The John Birch Society has stood the test of time since its founding in 1958, and has weathered blistering attacks upon it by the deceived and determined enemies of God and country.  It is in that light and in that admiration for the far-sightedness of the Founder of the JBS, Robert Welch, that I proclaim that the JBS is the foremost organization currently in the battle for the salvation of freedom.

Next time we’ll delve further into the organization and effectiveness of the JBS, including the stories of two JBS families.

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