President Barack Obama, who has canceled several Christian events usually celebrated annually at the White House, hosted a special dinner recently there to celebrate the Muslim Ramadan holiday. The supposedly holy month of Ramadan was being celebrated around the world by millions of Muslims who worship Allah.

Obama seems to be quite familiar with the Muslim holidays. The Jewish and Christian holidays he doesn't care much about, but these Muslim ones ... well, he seems to love them. So much that he invited a crowd of Muslims to the White House, gave them his valuable time and attention, plus giving them a formal tax-payer funded dinner.

Celebrating the Muslim Iftar holiday with the dinner, Obama began his after-dinner speech by quoting the words of a Muslim blessing, "Ramadan kareem." Then he told the guests what they wanted to hear, that acceptance of Muslims in America is on its way. "Here in America," he said, "many people personally do not know someone who is a Muslim. They mostly hear about Muslims in the news, and that can lead to a very distorted impression."

In speaking about a recent protest against Muslims at an Arizona mosque, he said, "One demonstrator who accepted the invitation to go in and attend the meeting, described how the experience changed him, how he finally saw the Muslim American community for what it is - peaceful and welcoming." He added, "That's what can happen when we stop yelling and start listening."

Obama tried to express Muslim unity with American people. "Whatever our faith, we're all one family," he stated. "When our values are threatened, we come together." He added, "Around the world there are many who seek to divide us by religion, but we can't allow that to happen."

"Most Muslims are equal and beneficial members of our society," he continued. He cited several individual success stories of Muslims helping others. "Together we will overcome ignorance and bias," he added. "The Koran teaches, 'Let us win together with peace'."

The President then turned attention abroad. "Today we also think of all the Muslims around the world who are suffering because of fighting, including those in Iraq and Syria. We also remember the people who are suffering in Gaza." Of course, he failed to mention where the Muslims are killing and beheading Christians and other so-called non-Muslim infidels throughout the Middle East. Nor did he mention any of the jihadist terrorist attacks the militant Muslims have made recently in Europe and elsewhere. Nor did he mention the militant Muslim terrorists positioned on Israel's borders, ready with intent to annihilate the tiny, lone Jewish nation.

Remember, this is the same President Obama who slighted Jewish Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he came to the United States a few months ago. And he's the same one who is telling Americans that the United States is not a Christian nation. He also recently tried to tell Christians that there is no war on Christmas, while his executive orders have caused public schools across the nation to ban celebrating Christmas openly for fear of being arrested for offending others - probably Muslims, in his mind.

But Muslims are free to celebrate a Muslim holliday at the White House. Talk about a double standard!


Dr. Al Snyder is a former professor of Communications at Liberty University in Virginia and North Greenville University. He has done extensive missionary work in Israel and Africa.

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