On February 1, in this space, we discussed Saul Alinsky, Cloward-Piven and the Delphi Technique and how these three describe Barack Obama and his success in deceiving and manipulating large groups of people who are ignorant of his methods.

Longtime readers of The Times Examiner are familiar with the Delphi Technique and are not fooled by liberals and leftists using the technique. Tragically, those Americans unfamiliar with the technique are vulnerable to manipulation and played for fools. They have unknowingly been willful partners in the destruction of our constitutional republic and the demise of personal freedom.

The Delphi Technique is a modified version of the Communist “reeducation program” developed by the Rand Corp. for the US Department of Defense as a weapon of war. When Jimmy Carter became president and created the US Department of Education, the technique was specialized to manipulate and control teachers. That specialized technique was called the Alinsky Method, named for President Obama’s mentor Saul Alinsky.

The technique was so successful in brainwashing and manipulating teachers to swallow the “party line” that they modified it further to manipulate students and later parents. The technique is extremely successful and works on every group imaginable, except for those who are familiar with the technique and understand what is happening.

The Delphi Technique is a “manipulative method used by governments, organizations, and unions to cause a ‘per-selected outcome’ at a meeting, event or function. . It is based upon the Hegelian Dialectic of creating ones own opposition in order to manipulate that opposition to a unified consensus.

“In a group setting, the Delphi Technique is an unethical method of achieving consensus on controversial topics. It requires well-trained professionals known as “facilitators” or “change agents,” who deliberately escalate tension among group members, pitting one faction against another to make a preordained viewpoint appear “sensible” while making opposing views appear ridiculous.”

The Delphi Technique has been and is being used in Greenville County, the Upstate and across the nation as the “visioning process.” This is a process through which predetermined policies acquire the appearance of community input before they are presented to the elected governing body as the “will of the people. The visioning process is being used successfully on ignorant, but well-meaning people to implement UN Agenda 21 to transform cities and towns into “sustainable communities” in a three step process:

1. The visioning process

2. Converting the vision into a plan

3. Implementing the plan through law

Greenville County has already gone through the visioning process and has a plan. Several Non Government Organizations funded with government and private grants are using the Delphi

Technique to manipulate gullible citizens to build a false consensus to present to County Council claiming citizens want the plan made law.

The Delphi Technique can be diffused. A group of people who know the Delphi Technique can disrupt the Delphi in a group setting. Success is dependent on ignorance of the technique. Remember, this is an  unethical, dishonest method used mostly for evil purposes. It must be exposed to as many people as possible.

An easy way to disrupt the Delphi is to take a group of informed people to the meeting.

Make copies of the Delphi explanation to pass out to others. Quietly participate in the meeting and when the facilitator has the group sorted out and ready to break up in smaller groups, ask: “Are you using the Delphi Technique?” It will ruin the day of the facilitator and he will not know what to do. If he claims not to know what the Delphi Technique is, offer to explain it to him and the group.

Be respectful, otherwise you may play into their hands and find yourself labeled a troublemaker.

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