Readers of this publication don’t need to be reminded that we are living in very dangerous times. The radical anarchists of the 1960s are now in charge of many of our government agencies, universities and corporations. Although they have cleaned up their outward appearance, they remain the radicals that they have always been and are actually more dangerous than before because they now have friends in high places and have no fear of the law.

Last year a column appeared on the internet allegedly written by Dr. Walter Williams, one of our syndicated columnists. It had to do with the electability of Barack Obama. We received many copies of it with some senders asking if it was really written by

Walter Williams. A check with Creators Syndicate and Dr. Williams revealed that it was a fraud and had been fabricated by a left wing blog allegedly funded by a supporter of the Obama Administration.

We published an opinion piece in the February 22, 2012, issue of The Times Examiner titled “Obama SSN Mystery Solved.” The information the article was based on came from a previously reliable source and we published the alleged source of the research and author. On February 29, 2012, we received an email from the alleged source. She had received an inquiry from a reader and informed us that she was not the source of the information and had no idea where or how her name became associated with it. Of course, we apologized and promised to inform our readers of the mistake.

In view of the above, we have no way of verifying if the information in part or as a whole is true or false.  In addition we apologize to our readers. It has become abundantly clear that there are individuals and groups that are dedicated to destroying the credibility of conservative individuals and media outlets. We are committed to redoubling our efforts to verify information that we publish in every way possible to avoid being scammed in the future.

The period between now and the November 2012 General Election will be an especially critical time for Americans. Some of the people in power and others who expect to gain power or wealth or both through election results and the exploitation of the fruits of labor of others, will be ruthless and things may get out of hand.

The current social, political and economic condition of our republic has gone beyond the “conspiracy theory” stage. We are approaching the “circle the wagons” stage.

Should the situation deteriorate here as it has in some European countries, commerce could be interrupted for days or weeks. Government officials in typical fashion will attempt to convince people all is well to prevent panic. At the first sign that all is not well, there will be widespread panic and a run on banks and stores, especial drug and grocery stores.

Many young families today don’t have food for tomorrow in the house, much less food for next week and next month. As a consequence, should this situation arise, those with no food will be inclined to take food from those who have food if the storehouses are empty.

Fuel supplies could disappear the first day. There could be a disruption of electrical power and water. It would be wise for families to prepare to the best of their ability for the worst case scenario.

Individuals can survive for a short time on a small amount of food. It doesn’t have to be steak and shrimp and asparagus. It can be dried beans and cornbread and molasses. You need a plan for cooking or at least heating things if there is no electricity or gas.

Finally, the most unpleasant part of your emergency survival plan: Unless you have a plan to pool resources with family members or others you can trust, you will be  alone. You must be prepared to protect and defend what you have from others who have made no preparations and want to take what you have. If you have a hangup about guns in the house, you need to get over it. Law enforcement will be very busy. Just remember, “When seconds count, police are only minutes away.” But it is not enough to purchase or own a gun. You must learn how to use it properly, legally and safely. With this you may need help from a friend, relative or preferably a professional firearms instructor.

This is not intended to frighten anyone. It is just an opinion to “stimulate the mind.”

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