The Obama Administration and Congress appear to be paralyzed  and stunned as the world around them is “spinning out of control.” The most vicious killers in several generations are rapidly seizing power and parts of nations in the Middle East and the South Pacific. They have gained influence in virtually every country in  Europe. We are also told that they have been placed in every important agency in the United States government.

The American people elected Republicans to control both Houses of Congress, however, they don’t seem to have the ability or the courage to take on the president who is going forward with his destructive agenda unchecked.

A large segment of the American electorate is ignorant and uneducated, although they may have college degrees. Many do not understand how nations and governments, including our own, operate and respond to events.

That high degree of ignorance is what gave us a radical president surrounded by incompetent bureaucrats who are well versed in the Obama doctrine, but have no idea how to perform the duties of the office they hold.

We are fortunate indeed to have a large population of combat veterans from Vietnam and the Gulf Wars. They understand the important of victory and the price paid in lives for incompetent leadership. They may be our best hope of survival as a constitutional republic short of divine intervention.

While the Administration is depleting the ranks of patriots, a large number of generals, admirals and colonels have come together to speak out and warn the American public of pending dangers. They are correctly warning that the effort against various Islamic terrorist groups is inadequate and will eventually lead to more attacks in the homeland.

Americans need to understand that the Vietnamese people are living under Communism because of decisions by the Congress of the United States. Americans need to understand that Islamist radicals are taking Iraq because of bad decisions by President Obama and his advisers. Americans need to understand that the President is implementing policies that will insure Afghanistan becomes a base for Islamic terrorists. Americans need to understand that if we allow Islamic radical terrorists to take control of Afghanistan, Pakistan will be in grave danger. Pakistan has lots of nuclear weapons and terrorists will be unstoppable if they obtain nuclear weapons. One nuclear weapon detonated on an American city will result in our surrender to avoid further suffering.

There is a desire on the part of many Americans to avoid war. They don’t understand that the way to avoid war is to be so strong militarily that no one would dare attack us. President Obama has degraded the military so much that no tyrant fears the power of the United States primarily because they do not respect or have any fear of President Obama.

For the first time since World War II, The United States has little or no influence on world events, except for aiding the exploits of Islam by inaction or irrational actions not in our national interest.

President Obama has two more years remaining in his second term. The Congress must reign in this “out of control” President and strengthen our military or we will risk the outbreak of anarchy in the large cities followed by Martial Law and loss of all freedom.

I never thought I would live to see my beloved country degraded to this level. All who understand the issues involved must do all we can to prevent our government from spinning out of control.

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Mike Scruggs