It was Franklin Roosevelt who said: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He was attempting to move a nation from a severe economic depression into preparation for World War II, a war that the people did not want and would require a total national commitment.

Young Americans volunteered for military service by the thousands to serve their country without fear of the unknown ahead. The enemy was clearly defined and “demonized,” the objective was “destruction of the enemy and his will to fight concluding in total victory. Along with Allies, we ended the war victoriously.

For more than a decade the United States has been at war with “terrorists” that openly declared war on us. They all claim to be fighting for Islam and they are following the literal meaning of the Koran as they proceed to kill all individuals under their control who refuse to accept Islam and abide by the teachings of the Koran.

President Obama and his Administration like puppets, refuse to acknowledge that supporters of Islam are attacking us. “We are not at war with Islam,” Obama insists. He attempts to create a narrative that says a group of criminals are claiming to represent Islam and we would be playing into their hands if we link them with Islam.

Is the President and members of his administration aligned with the terrorists or are they afraid to oppose them? It is yet to be seen which option is true. One thing is certain. The terrorists who claim to be representing Islam are using fear as a part of their strategy, and it is working. They have individuals, families, communities, cities, nations and government leaders terrified and afraid to identify them correctly. No one wants to invite beheading or being burned alive, so they live and work in fear.

Americans have been conditioned to be naïve, fearful and intimidated. This leaves us extremely vulnerable to the threat of terrorism we face, as well as the potential for government tyranny.

Parents are afraid to challenge the public school system, because it could bring retaliation on their child. Veterans are afraid to challenge the VA for fear of losing their benefits. Small business owners are afraid to challenge politicians for fear of bringing the wrath of regulatory agencies down on them. Individuals and business executives are afraid to support conservative causes and businesses for fear of vicious discrimination by open and “closet” liberals. Pastors are afraid to “preach the Gospel” for fear of losing members, funds tax exempt status, or their jobs.

This culture of fear coupled with government miss-education, political correctness and willful ignorance leaves a large segment of the American public vulnerable to deception by dishonest public officials and clever external enemies.

We are told that Islam is a “peaceful religion.” In fact, Islam is much more than a religion. It has a political, legal and military component and religious leaders direct all aspects of Islam.

Islam does not tolerate criticism of their prophet nor other religious beliefs. The so-called peaceful members of Islam are actually those who have adopted a secular “watered down” version of the religion. They might include the Shah of Iran, Mubarik of Egypt and Kadafi of Libya, all of whom have been displaced, with help of the United States.

The Obama Administration has refused to properly identify the terrorist enemy. Any government official who disagrees with the president is forced out. All of the senior military officers who informed the President of his dangerous policies and actions have been removed from active duty. They and hundreds of other retired military leaders are speaking out. Some members of Congress are listening. Others are apparently afraid.

Congress has many challenges ahead. First, they must decide if they will challenge President Obama and face political and economic retaliation, or procrastinate and risk having their heads chopped off for failure to comply.

Americans in 2015 have plenty to fear. So did our Founding Fathers. They demonstrated courage and commitment and overcame their fear and that is why we are free today. How many courageous people that can overcome fear do we have in leadership positions today?

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