Hillary Clinton appears to have the Democrat presidential nomination locked up. She is avoiding crowds, hostile media and conducting a very controlled campaign. The campaign conduct is typically “clintonesque”. They do not only think they are “above the law,” they are above the law.

The public will never know the details of the deal between the Clintons and the handlers of Barack Obama, however you can rest assured that there was a mutually beneficial deal made.

Americans under 30 years of age don’t know that the United States Congress impeached President Bill Clinton. Many of those over 30 have forgotten, because Clinton and the Clinton supporters act as if it never happened. As I recall, he was the first president impeached since the 1860s when President Johnson was impeached.

More than half a dozen women abused by Clinton were harassed and disregarded. Some of the women accused Hillary of being in charge of dealing with “Bimbo Eruptions.” From Arkansas, where Clinton was Governor, to Washington, D.C., the Clinton trails were allegedly littered with the bodies of people who negatively interfered with their ambitions.

Bill and Hillary Clinton met and got their political boost in the Communist-inspired Anti-American/Anti-War movement of the 1960s. They earned a reputation of “loathing the U. S. military” and supporting leftist causes.

Bill Clinton has a powerful personality and ability to influence people. Governor David Beasley told me of a meeting he attended at the White House. When Clinton walked into the room, it was as if everyone was under his control. Beasley said he had never met anyone with such a powerful personality. President Obama has similar powers. Some observers have described the power over others possessed by Obama and Clinton as “demonic.”

This time it is Hillary, not Bill, that is running, however, he is behind the scenes running the show, along with Lanny Davis, to make excuses and James Carvel to attack the opposition. Bill will have a significant impact on the race from beginning to end.

Republicans who were too timid to factually attack Barack Obama in 2008 or 2012 should not enter the current race with Clinton the potential Democrat opponent. That would eliminate Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, who had their chance but failed to muster the courage to make a credible case against Obama. They left the fight to John McCain and Mitt Romney who also failed. All they can do this time is dilute the Conservative Christian vote with no chance of winning the general election even if they should somehow get the Republican nomination.

With all the allegations against Hillary ranging from Benghazi to Uranium Gate, she should withdraw her candidacy and prepare her criminal defense. That will not happen, because no one will have the courage to prosecute or even investigate her alleged criminal activities. If they try, she will pitch a little “victim hissy fit” to put the accusers on the defensive.

The Clintons do not play games. A review of the documentary film released when Clinton was a candidate for President shows that the Arkansas Governor’s School was a prototype for the indoctrination now taking place in America’s public schools and continuing in universities, and especially teacher colleges. The young airheads populating the Obama Administration are the products of such indoctrination and Hillary has thousands of loyalists waiting in the wings for her political appointments to high-level government jobs for which they have no qualifications.

During the Obama/Clinton primary, a young Democrat I know took a position with the Clinton campaign in another state. A few weeks later he was back home. When I asked why, he alleged that he wasn’t willing to work for a high stakes dangerous Mafia type organization even if the pay was good and he agreed with them politically.

In conclusion, Republicans must have a tough, fearless candidate with courage and willingness to sacrifice everything for his country as do those who put on the uniform of the armed forces, if they are to defeat the Clinton Dynasty. Nothing less will suffice.


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Mike Scruggs