President Lyndon Johnson and the Democrat Congress almost destroyed the United States Military during and following the Vietnam War. The military  barely survived the single term of Jimmy Carter. He was the worst Commander-in-Chief ever until Obama. It took eight years of wise leadership by President Ronald Reagan to bring the dead fighting machine back to life.

The Clinton’s took their toll on the military and George W. Bush, at great expense in funds and lives, breathed life back into the fighting machine once more.

Carter was incompetent and Clinton was expedient. Bill and Hillary openly “loathed the military,” however “Slick Willie” wanted to be popular and declaring war on the military does not engender love from the public. Therefore, his dismantling of the Department of Defense slowed.

Along came Michelle and Barack Obama. Barack had a plan devised  by the domestic terrorists of the 1960s who now fill key positions in the Obama White House and every branch of the government.

Political appointee Defense Department officials are all indoctrinated and implementing the Obama agenda. It involves every aspect of military life.

The returning wounded soldiers are neglected. The VA is staffed with incompetent socialist boobs. God is systematically drummed out of the battlefield where He is most needed. The size of the military force is reduced to the bone so that back to back combat tours are required. This is devastating to troop morale and forces divorce.

The Defense Department falsified survey results and  announced that a majority of troops wanted to eliminate “Don’t ask, don’t tell” and legalize open homosexuality in the military. This drastic policy change has driven many qualified junior officers and senior Nco’s from the service. Others have been forced out for failing to enthusiastically support implementation of the agenda.

In the meantime, more and more women are being placed in combat type units. Now you have men, women and homosexuals away from home and away from their spouses in compromising positions. Rape and so-called “sexual harassment” rises to alarming levels.

From Basic Training to the field grade ranks, subordinates are accusing their superiors of seducing, raping or sexually assaulting them. Male on female assault is exploited by feminists and male on male assaults are under-reported so as not to reflect negatively on the full acceptance of open homosexuality.

Now we have same sex marriage enforced by the military. In order to have a military career and get promoted, a member of the military must actively promote and advocate these social initiatives. To be accused of doing otherwise would be a career-ending event.

Until recently, the Special Forces and Navy SEALS were able to claim their work was too demanding for women. Obama and his advisers will have no part of excuses. They are demanding implementation. The senior staff officers, including the  Joint Chiefs of Staff support the President against what is best for the troops and the mission accomplishment. Those Generals who disagree with the social engineering program have been forced out of the service.

If the republic lasts through the next two years of President Obama, it may be possible to reverse some of the damage being done to the military by the Obama Administration. Should Hillary Clinton be the next Commander-in-Chief, the effectiveness of the military as   a  viable fighting force will be no more.

Many combat veterans are advising young people to avoid active military service for the next two years. They understand from experience that at any time those in uniform may be called upon to be “sacrificial lambs” to cover the mistakes of incompetent civilian leadership.


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Mike Scruggs