Socialist Democrats in control of the Democrat Party are determined to take over the government of the United States even if it means destruction of the constitution and the republic. We have about six weeks to stop the takeover. The November congressional election is our last chance to stop the illegal takeover by whatever means they choose.

The so-called Democrats are willing to lie, falsely accuse innocent people and destroy anyone who is affiliated with President Trump by whatever means they can contrive. Their latest caper is to destroy Trpump’s Supreme Court nominee by accusing him of molesting a girl when he was in high school. It was more than 30 years ago when he was a teenager if it happened at all. This should not be a consideration at this time when considering his qualifications for the court.

The correct way to put this situation in perspective is to realize that the enemies of the country are wanting to equalize and compare the destruction of the greatest country on earth to an attempt of a teen age boy to “score” with a teen age girl. This is something that happens thousands of times every Saturday night and is part of the learning process. Both girls and boys learn how to select their friends and who to avoid.

In the upcoming election, we must avoid the leftist and socialists of all stripes. They are all bad for the country.

Thousands of Americans have given their lives and sacrificed to protect our freedom. It would be disastrous to allow a group of misguided socialists to destroy what those brave Americans have sacrificed to earn and preserve. To avoid the enemies of this Constitution and republic to become a thing of the past, we must vote and urge our friends and relatives to vote for the supporters of our duly elected president and proven conservative congressional candidates.

This is the last chance in my view. If the leftists are allowed to overturn the election of Donald Trump by any means, there will be no second chance. These socialists and communists are playing for keeps. They are the type that believe in equal opportunity. They will become dictators if they gain power.

This is our last chance. Do all you can to hold the line and prevent a coup, or live to regret it.  

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