Our nation is at war with itself. We pretend that our political competition is between Republicans and Democrats, however, it is not that simple. It is a battle that is as old as the world itself. It is a battle between good and evil that began in the Garden of Eden. 

The advocates of evil are intentionally confusing the English language and calling evil good and good evil. Government schools are no longer teaching factual history; therefore, the younger generation of Americans do not know facts of history or have appreciation for the sacrifices their ancestors made for them.

The leaders of the once proud Democrat Party and the liberal news media have no respect for truth. They, like the Communists and Iranian religious leaders believe that lying is acceptable if it helps to promote their agenda. The most tragic part of this scenario is that many Americans are so ignorant and uninformed and misinformed that they are vulnerable to being led by lying politicians. For decades lying liberal white politicians have controlled black voters and had them voting for people who did nothing to improve their lives. They only made promises and blamed others for breaking their promises. Currently a large segment of the Caucasian population of our republic have been dumbed down to such a large degree that they are vulnerable to being manipulated and controlled just as happened to minorities in the past.  

Government schools are not innocent in this epidemic of ignorance. Tragically some of our schools have become no more legitimate education centers than the Communist reeducation camps in Vietnam after the Communist takeover supported by American leftists and most of the media.

I heard the old Merle Haggard song “Walking on the Fighting Side of Me” last night on a Television program. I never realized how prophetic that song of the Vietnam era was. Haggard realized that if we did not resist the anti-American efforts of Obama, Clinton and Fonda variety, our future generations would not know the sacrifices their ancestors made to preserve their freedom and comfort.

We should not overlook the fact that this conflict between good and evil has a spiritual aspect. The leftist leaders in this country hate God and especially Jesus. They want to complete their efforts to remove God and his church from the nation. President Trump is the first President to take a firm stand in defense of freedom of Religion. That is one reason they hate him so.

The election this week may be the most important on in our lifetime. The outcome is uncertain. Regardless of who controls the congress, the war between good and evil will continue. Evil must not be allowed to win, and they will not cease to practice their mischief. It is what they do and all they want to do. 

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