Finally, the transition from print to digital newspaper is complete, and the downscale of office space is virtually complete. The new office address is: The Times Examiner, 1 Chick Springs Road, Suite 110-B, Greenville, S.C. 29609.

This has been a major adjustment after 25 years of virtually the same routine every week. We resisted the elimination of the printed paper as long as we could. The expense eventually became more than we could handle without going into debt or getting financial help from friends.

We could not have made it for 25 years if it had not been for friends and volunteers who provided funds and their time to the newspaper. I hesitate to name the financial supporters without their permission and the volunteers are too numerous to name.

James Spurck continues to serve as Managing Editor and has converted the paper from a weekly to the equivalent of a daily, because he updates it almost on a daily basis.

The Times Examiner has been blessed with support of friends. In 1993, the late Grady Miller and now retired Butch Taylor offered to support a newspaper if we published one. Grady provided office space in exchange for advertising of his motorcycle dealership and Butch committed to purchasing an ad for his service station every week. Grady’s support lasted until he sold the business and Butch continued until he retired.

LaVerle had been managing the office until it was necessary for her to retire about one year ago. Our son Tim is now taking over her duties on a part-time basis.

With the help of James and Tim, I have a new computer and am able to do much of my work from home. We still continue to meet with photographers and others on Mondays and coordinate our other activities.

Once again, we have been blessed with the assistance of a friend. Willis Meadows has helped us find office space in the building with his insurance agency on Chick Springs Road. It is a very nice office, although quite small but adequate.

Sadly, we lost some of our readers who want to hold a paper in their hand or do not have a computer. Some of them would have gladly paid more to keep the print version coming, but the cost was becoming prohibitive and we could not carry it any more without incurring debt.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the support, encouragement and friendship of Mrs. Betty Poe. Her friendship and support helped to extend the life of the printed version of The Times Examiner for which we are eternally grateful.   

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