A case can be made that Democrats are willing to risk civil war in order to gain power sufficient to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump. In many localities they are reportedly registering aliens, prisoners and out of state students to vote. Virtually no one is following up to determine who is voting in more than one location. If violations are discovered, the illegal votes are being counted and not changed. If detection of fraud does not change the election results, what is the motivation to discover and report the violation?

Thousands of individuals are headed for the United States border with Mexico. They are composed of mostly young men from several countries from around the world. Democrats are refusing to support the construction of a wall along the border and are reportedly encouraging invasion of the US from the south by illegal aliens.

Texas has vowed to prevent the invasion of their sovereign state, however if the mob of thousands head for California, they will likely be welcomed by the state and local governments. This would result in a clash between federal and state forces that could require the President to nationalize the California national guard. President Trump has promised that he will use federal troops, if necessary to deny entry to the invading mob. Congressional leaders of the Democrat party have made it very clear that they will violate the Constitution and destroy the republic if necessary in order to gain power to restore their control of the national treasurer. Congressional leaders of the Democrat party threaten to impeach the president and embers of the Supreme Court should the take control of the United States House of Representatives.

A new resident of Greenville County is challenging Mike Burns for his District 17 House seat. According to press reports she was a State Senator in the Virgin Islands, where she led the battle to legalize same-sex marriage. Another candidate of questionable background is challenging Rep. Dwight Loftis. Supporters of Burns and Loftis believe they are targeted because they chose to oppose some of the reorganization moves by the Greenville Hospital System.

Early voting has begun across the nation two weeks before the 6 November General Election. South Carolina does not have early voting but does have absentee voting. Turnout in Greenville County has been heavy to date.

The frightening reality is that unless Republicans turn out in large numbers and retain both the U. S. House and Senate, the progress being made by President Trump will be reversed and chaos, possibly civil war will follow. Veterans who have risked their lives to preserve our constitution and republic for their families will not allow a criminal mob to destroy what they have sacrificed for.

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